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  • Autoclaves & Sterilizers

    Choose the autoclave or sterilizer that meets your lab or classroom needs. Sterilization is quick, easy, and safe! We have manual or automatic autoclaves and Infrared sterilizers that can sterilize instruments in 5-7 seconds. Sterilizers have asbestos free ceramic core heater elements. We carry... Read More
  • Incubators & Ovens

    Carolina offers a variety of lab incubators and ovens for your classroom. Explore everything from shaking incubators to mini incubators to gravity convection ovens on Read More
  • Lab Fume Hoods & Workstations

    Browse a variety of lab fume hoods and PCR workstations for your lab. Lab fume hoods provide safe and efficient work environments for your students. Read More

Content by Carolina Biological Supply Company

  • Your Guide to Achieving Three-Dimensional Learning with Carolina By

    For use with the Next Generation Science Standards, this guide walks through definitions and explanations and the implementation of bringing three dimensional instruction into your classroom. Read more
  • Student Lab Safety Agreement By

    This lab safety agreement is a great way to get students thinking about and commiting to being mindful of lab safety. Read more
  • Get to Know Your Microscope By

    This infographic is a beginners guide to identifying all the parts on a microscope and their purpose. It is a great resource for teachers and lab managers. Read more

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