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  • Autoclaves & Sterilizers

    Choose the autoclave or sterilizer that meets your lab or classroom needs. Sterilization is quick, easy, and safe! We have manual or automatic autoclaves and Infrared sterilizers that can sterilize instruments in 5-7 seconds. Sterilizers have asbestos free ceramic core heater elements. We carry... Read More
  • Incubators & Ovens

    Carolina offers a variety of lab incubators and ovens for your classroom. Explore everything from shaking incubators to mini incubators to gravity convection ovens on Read More
  • Lab Fume Hoods & Workstations

    Browse a variety of lab fume hoods and PCR workstations for your lab. Lab fume hoods provide safe and efficient work environments for your students. Read More
  • Lab Balances & Scales

    Carolina has a variety of lab balances and scales to meet the needs of your science classroom or lab. See our balances buying guide to make sure you select the right balance or scale for your classroom. Carolina carries precision measuring equipment that is dependable and durable plus top... Read More
  • Lab Centrifuges

    Carolina has a large selection of Centrifuges that are great for biotechnology experiments. If you are looking for a centrifuge that is ideal for DNA protocols, has fast spin downs of micro tubes and PCR tubes you are in the right place. Carolina offers models that have a compact design that are... Read More
  • Lab Water Baths

    Carolina offers water baths in various sizes with all the features needed for any research lab. The are durable, easy to use and maintain, and long lasting. With convenient digital display and controls it is a natural fit for general purpose laboratory applications. Read More
  • Science Lab Crucibles

    With 95+ years in laboratory equipment and supplies. Carolina is a name you can trust. Shop for high form and low form crucibles and covers at Carolina. 15mL - 600 mL options. Read More
  • Water Monitoring and Water Quality

    Carolina carries water meters and monitoring equipment that offer premium and practical features. Our water treatment and filtration appartus is straightforward and easy to operate. Read More
  • pH Meters

    Economical and light weigh, we have compact solutions for measuring pH anywhere - in the lab or in the field. pH pen meters are fast, accurate and easy to use and work well to help you get the most out of your lab budget. Read More
  • Digital Cameras

    Peruse our complete range of attachable microscopy cameras. Easily turn almost any old microscope into a digital microscopy platform. If you prefer, we also carry complete handheld digital microscopes that are intended for education use, discriminating hobbyists and professionals. Read More
  • Digital Microscopes

    Carolina has an amazing assortment of lab microscopes for every need. View cell structures and organisms up close with a digital microscope. We have advanced digital microscopes that allow for tablet screen adjustment for multiple people viewing at once. Use in an educational or research... Read More
  • Spectrophotometers

    Carolina carries top spectrophotometer brands that are appropriate for educational to research level capabilities. We also have replacement accesssories for your convenience. Read More
  • Lab Pipets & Pipettors

    Carolina offers a robust selection of pipets, controllers and pumps to choose from. Carolina® Research Pipettors have excellent accuracy and precision, and durability. Looking for something less durable, we have disposable and transfer pipets too. Read More
  • Pipets and Accessories

    Shop for the most sought after pipets from Carolina! our assortment includes plastic, glass and transfer pipets, graduated pipets, and pipettors and micropipets. Don't stop there. We have many essential pipet accessories for your classroom or laboratory. Sterile and non sterile options available. Read More
  • Shakers

    Carolina can meet your lab shaker needs. Our orbitals shaker allows for smooth, horizontal, orbital motion for mixing bottles, flasks, beakers, and more. Appropriate for mixing liquids, chemicals, biological solutions, and cultivation. We also have space saving, multipurpose, and heavy duty... Read More
  • Mixers

    Carolina has been in the lab supply and equipment business for 95+ years. We have bench mixers and mini mixers available. Instantly vortex small and large samples while enjoying Q-Driveā„¢ technology for maximum vortexing while minimizing noise and vibration. Read More
  • Disposable Lab Supplies

    FInd the disposable lab supplies you need at Carolina. Our selection spans from Saftey and PPE, to consumable lab supplies like pipets, slides and coverslips, to centrifuge tubes, syringes and more. Read More
  • Lab Flasks

    Whether you are starting your lab or adding to an existing one, Carolina has the flasks you will need. All of the flasks we sell at Caorlina meet ASTM standards, have a graduated metric scale, and have uniform wall thickness and a marking spot. Get all your lab essentials at Carolina. Read More
  • Lab Glassware

    Carolina offers a quality selection of science lab glassware. Our lab glassware is designed to address both safety and accuracy. We have material friendly solutions and many products are available in lab starter packs or case packs. The Carolina brand of glassware is affordably priced and will... Read More
  • Lab Beakers

    Carolina is your one stop shop for all your lab essentials. All the beakers we sell at Carolina meet ASTM standards, have a graduated metric scale, and have uniform wall thickness and a marking spot. We have a wide selection of Corning Pyrex and Carolina branded beakers. Read More
  • Lab Bottles

    Carolina has been in the science supply business for over 95 years. Carolina offers a variety of bottles to meet your needs. We have sampling bottles, and wash bottles in narrow and wide mouthed options. We have a wide selection of volumes for you to choose from as well. Our Wheaton Redi-Pak®... Read More
  • Stereomicroscopes

    Find quality stereomicroscopes at Carolina Biological Supply. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced options. Stereomicroscopes show 3D images versus flat images and are easier to focus on and use, perfect for first time students or beginners in the lab. Stereomicroscopes are ideal for... Read More
  • Microscope Slides

    Carolina Biological Supply is an extraordinary company. From technical science expertise to business and leadership acumen, we are fortunate to have a broad range of strengths. Our 95+ year history has afforded us to be a leading supplier of microscope slides. Microscope slides are expertly... Read More
  • Weather Monitoring Instruments

    Handheld and desktop weather monitoring instruments at Carolina Biological Supply. From the very specific Anemometer, Barometer, Psychromoeter to the full weather station monitors, we have it! If you are interested in general weather and climate or global climate change check out our selection! Read More
  • Electrodes

    Carolina Biological Supply has a wide selection of products in the field of physical and earth science. We carry cooper and zinc electrodes and an assorted set. Read More
  • Lab Eye Protection

    At Carolina Biolgoical Supply Company safety is a priority. Protect yourself and others in the laboratory with Goggles, Glasses, and Safety Shields. We also have sanitizier and sterilization cabinets for your eye protection products. Buy individually or in value packs. Quantity discounts are... Read More
  • Lab Gloves

    Carolina offers a variety of lab gloves to fit your needs. Carolina has disposable gloves including latex free gloves as well as heavy duty lab gloves for handling chemicals and lab equipment. We have a variety of sizes on most products and quantity discounts apply on many items. Read More
  • Test Tubes & Tubing

    Carolina Biologoical Supply is a trusted science supplier of lab supplies and equipment. We have a varied selection of tubes and tubing for your laboratory needs. If you are looking for traditional lab test tubes we have a variety of options including with caps, without caps, sterile and... Read More
  • Lab Vials

    Carolina Biological Supply has been serving the science education market for 95+ years. Lots of other companies trust us too! From heathcare, to research, to environmental to government, to NASA, to Hollywood - we have served them all. Shop our selection of vials which include screw-cap, glass... Read More
  • Lab Cabinets

    From fume hoods to furniture we have cabinets you need! Tote tray storage - yup. Model skeleton storage - you bet. Carolina Biological is looking forward to serving all your science laboratory supply needs. Give us a try today. We have been in business 95+ years and still going strong. Read More
  • Mobile Lab Carts

    Carolina Biological Supply provides mobile solutions to help you manage your lab efficiently and easily. Utility carts, mobile storage cabinets, glassware carts, mobile lab tables and more. Shop Carolina for lab carts and more. We have a full range of furniture for your laboratory. Read More
  • Lab Disposal & Cleanup

    Carolina has the lab cleanup and disposal supplies you need to keep your lab safe and clean. From biohazard disposal bags to chemical spill kits, Carolina has you covered. Read More
  • Thermal Cyclers

    Carolina carries a nice selection of quality thermal cyclers for your biotechnology lab needs. The touchscreen controls are easy to use and units have exceptionally fast cycling times. Be sure to look at the features and specs for the details of each unit. Read More
  • Chemicals

    Carolina Biological Suppply Company has over 800 chemical products. We have chemical grades, sizes, and concentrations to meet a wide variety of applications. We carry some green alternatives to hazardous materials for chemistry labs. We take safety and compliance seriously. Take the time to... Read More
  • Lab Safety Storage

    Carolina Biological Supply Company a long time leader in science lab supplies and equipment is here for you. Peruse our safety storage cabinets and containers. Take some time to look at all of our listings. We have an extensive product offering for laboratory supplies and equipment. Read More
  • Biological Media Stains & Reagents

    Shop Carolina Biological Supply Company today. We carry individual stains and stain sets. We carry Kovac's Reagent and Nitrate Reagents. If you are in a teaching environment, we have some stain kits appropriate for the topics of cell structure and function and scientific practices. We have been... Read More
  • Microbiology Kits for Education

    Carolina is known for excellence in science kits for educational purposes. We have solutions that focus on lab skills and advanced college-level microbiology education. Choose from culture growth/ID to antibiotic resistance and environmental sampling. We have conveniently categorized products... Read More
  • Lab Stirrers

    Shop Carolina Biological Supply for lab stirrers. We carry digital and magnetic stirrer equipment. We also have a variety of stirring rods for all your lab mixtures. We round out our selection with magnetic stirring bars/disposable spinbars. Read More
  • Microscopes & Optics

    Carolina has an extensive supply and assortment of lab microscopes that cover just about every need. We are proud to offer you compound microscopes, digital microscopes, field microscopes, magnifiers, stereomicroscopes, binoculars and telescopes, digital cameras, and various microscopy... Read More
  • Magnifiers

    Browse our selection of standard and pocket magnifiers at Carolina Biological. We carry pocket and hand held magnifiers. The maximum magnification range in our product assortment is from 2X to 10X. Read More
  • Lab Aprons & Lab Coats

    Adults sizes for men and women. Lab aprons and lab coats are an essential for any laboratory. We offer quantity discounts on many of our items. Join the thousands and thousands of people who rely on Carolina Biological Supply Company for their science and laboratory products. Read More
  • Vacuum Pump

    Carolina Biological Supply carries a hand-operated vacuum pump (without gauge) which is great for small experiments. We also carry Two-Stage vaccum pumps and an oil-less model. Read More
  • Lab Cleaning Wipes

    Carolina Biological Supply has a few convenient cleaning wipe products for your quick laboratory cleanup needs. Read More
  • Petri Dishes

    Petri Dishes are a classroom and laboratory essential item. Shop Carolina Biological for your petri dishes. Choose from sterile or disposable options. We feature deep well, 2 & 3 compartment options as well as round and square dishes. Quantity discounts are available on some products. Read More
  • Desicattors

    Carolina Biological Supply carries vacuum and non-vacuum desiccators and desicctor cabinets. Explore everything has to offer for your school or research laboratory. Read More
  • Lab Balances

    Carolina has a variety of lab balances and scales to meet the needs of your science classroom or lab. See our balances buying guide to make sure you select the right balance or scale for your classroom. Carolina carries precision measuring equipment that is dependable and durable plus top... Read More
  • Lab Gradyated Cylinders

    All cylinders we sell at Carolina meet ASTM standards, have a graduated metric scale, a strong lip that resists chipping and have uniform wall thickness. Our PMP cylinders can withstand temperatures up to 350°. Carolina offers starter pack cylinder sets for students and cylinders to meet the... Read More
  • Syringes

    Carolina Biological Supply Company carries plastic disposable hypodermic syringes and disposable syringe filters in various packaging options. Read More
  • Lab Refrigerators

    Buy your compact laboratory refrigerator or lab portable ice maker from Carolina Biological Supply Company. Read More
  • Blenders

    Get your Waring single speed or two speed lab blender at Carolina Biological Supply Company. Read More
  • Dissolved Oxygen Meters

    Portable dissolved oxygen meters and replacement membranes and electrodes at Carolina Biological Supply Company. Brands include Hanna, Ohaus, & Sper. Read More
  • Conductivity Meters

    Conductivity sensors and pen meters from Carolina Biological Supply Company. Models include hand held and bench meters and multiparameter meters. Read More
  • Hydrometers

    Universal, specific gravity, and standard hydrometers at Carolina Biological Supply Company. In stock and ready to ship. Carolina has been serving the science commumity for more than 95 years. Read More
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