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  • Cole-Parmer

    Cole-Parmer, a global source for Masterflex and Ismatec pumps, offers comprehensive OEM fluid handling product development services, including custom design and engineering, prototype manufacturing and testing, and factory direct product service. Look to the company for expert OEM pump and...
  • Boekel Scientific

    Boekel Scientific, a leading biology laboratory equipment manufacturer based in the United States, focuses on life science and biology laboratory equipment, including hybridization, histology, blood banking, microbiology and food safety equipment. We strive to maintain the highest standard of...
  • Cleatech LLC

    Desiccator cabinets 1500 series with optional removable shelving: Our quality non-vacuum multi-chamber desiccator cabinets can be used with nitrogen, Argon and compressed dry air purging to reduce oxidation & extend shelf life on moisture sensitive components. Plastic or Stainless steel perforated shelves can be placed inside each chamber in 1 inch increments....
  • TDI International Inc

  • Jeannette Specialty Glass

    Jeannette Specialty Glass is a glass manufacturer of borosilicate glass for the lighting industry, drilling & mining industry and medical and scientific fields. We produce glass refractors, lenses, outdoor lighting globes, explosion-proof domes and a variety of other products including custom...
  • D.M. Semiconductor

  • Nurnberg Scientific

  • Drytech Inc

  • Totech America Corporation

  • Desiccare Inc