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  • Sentry Air Systems

    18" Ductless Fume Hood: This 18” Wide Ductless Fume Hood is one of the most compact fume containment hoods on the market. This ductless hood is designed to protect both the operator’s respiratory zone and environment from hazardous fumes, vapors, or particulate generated from applications performed within the hood....
  • HEMCO Corporation

    HEMCO is the leading manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment serving the Sciences and R&D Technology Industries since 1958. Located in Independence, Missouri, the heart of America, and the crossroads of North America a major center for transportation, communication, distribution, and...
  • TopAir Systems

    TopAir Systems is a supplier of superior clean air and containment solutions. such as fume hoods, biosafety cabinet, clean benches, ductless fume hoods, pcr cabinet. TopAir clean air solutions are used in laboratories and manufacturing facilities within chemical/biological plants, universities,...
  • New England Laboratory Casework Co Inc

  • Dynalab Corp.

    Plastic laboratory supplies, science equipment and sampling apparatus sold into the North American market.

    Portable Fume Hoods Mobile Surgery Suites Dander-Free System Dual HEPA Vacuums
  • Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Bel-Art Products simplifies tasks with innovative product solutions for science, industry and healthcare. Over 4500 items from safety wash bottles to fume hoods are manufactured and marketed under well-known brand names including Scienceware® laboratory products, Spinbar® magnetic stirring bars,...
  • Rankin Biomedical Corporation

    Based in Holly, Michigan, Rankin provides hospitals, universities, research institutes, in-office and commercial laboratories a comprehensive range of anatomic pathology lab equipment to enable the processing of various specimens.
  • TFI & Inline Design Corporation

    Plastic Fume Hoods: Counter Top (CT) Fume Hoods (10) The Countertop Polypropylene Exhausted Fume Hood is designed for use in Trace Metals and High Acid Digestion Labs where a non-ferrous environment is paramount to achieving exacting results. Exhausted Laminar Flow (ELF) Fume Hoods (8) The Laminar Flow...
  • Lee Engineering

    Lee Engineering is a laboratory apparatus supplier. We sell lab frames, supports, bases, rods, clamps, connectors, hardware kits, and more. Specializing in science lab racks and fume hood grids.