CoolLED Ltd.

2834 Farm Walk Road
Yorktown, NY 10529

About CoolLED Ltd.

CoolLED is specialist design and manufacturing company. It specialises in high-performance LED technology where demands for intensity and stability are high. To achieve this, expertise and experience in the design, assembly and cooling of LED assemblies has been established.

CoolLED uses bare LED semiconductor die as the building-block of its LED designs and products. Individual or matrices of LEDs are actively-cooled to achieve the highest performance. This is not possible using commercially-available packaged LED parts. As a result, CoolLED can offer higher levels of intensity, stability and lifetime from its LED products.

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Products by CoolLED Ltd.

By CoolLED Ltd.

CoolLED uses the latest LED technology for its family of excitation products. From a simple single-wavelength source to multiple wavelength automated systems, all CoolLED products use active-cooling to ensure the best possible performance. As a result, stability, intensity and precise control... Read more »

By CoolLED Ltd.

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