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  • P-2000 Laser-Based Micropipette Puller

    he P-2000 micropipette puller represents a significant advance in the technology of fabrication of micropipettes, optical fiber probes, and nanospray tips. The P-2000 integrates a CO2 laser-based heat source with the technology derived from our extensive experience with conventional... Read More
  • Electrophysiology Systems Bundled Configurations

    Over the last 20 years, electrophysiology rigs have developed around several platforms. In all, the central concept is that manipulators and the sample are fixed in one frame, and the microscope is fixed in a second frame. These two separate frames of reference are then moved with respect to... Read More
  • XenoWorks® Digital Microinjector

    The XenoWorks® Digital Microinjector is designed primarily for transgenic mammal workstations and adherent cell, C. elegans, drosophila, zebrafish, xenopus and sea urchin injections. It is capable of holding oocytes and embryos while simultaneously providing a separate pressure channel for... Read More