Products by Bio Plas Inc.
  • Uni-Flex® Safety Caps

    Now there‚Äôs a safe, economical way to cap and recap blood collection tubes and disposable glass culture tubes, regardless of manufacturer. Uni-Flex® Safety Caps are available for a wide range of biomedical and industrial applications. The Uni-Flex® Safety Cap liquid tight seal ensures sample... Read More
  • G-Tube® Flat Top Microcentrifuge Tubes

    The G-Tube® Flat Top Microcentrifuge Tube is virtually transparent and far exceeds the toughness of any microcentrifuge tubes. When the G-Tube Flat Top Microcentrifuge Tube cap is closed there will be an audible "snap" that indicates a secure closure has been formed. Made of tough, clear,... Read More
  • PCR Tubes and Caps

    Bio Plas PCR Tube Benefits: - Tubes provide optimal contact with the sample block, thus ensuring optimal heat transfer - Prevent cross-contamination - Provide a secure seal for oil-free thermal cycling Individual 0.2mL Thin Wall Tubes require an 8 or 12 Strip Cap to seal each Tube... Read More