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  • AiRaman Cloud based Raman

    Cloudminds XI is a hand held miniature Raman Spectrometer that uses a Smart phone as the user interface and connects to cloud based Raman spectral libraries and advanced deep-leaning identification algorithms. Smart Handheld Raman Spectrometer Light weight (400g) Ruggedized for field use Unique... Read More
  • Calibration Standards

    Calibration Standards from Spectrecology include wavelength (atomic emission lamps), absorbance and reflection standards (white diffuse and specular) for spectroscopy, radiometric calibration lamps for UV-VIS-NIR. We offer calibration lamps (Hg, Ar, Xe, Ne), NIST absorbance solutions, and... Read More
  • Cuvettes - All Styles

    Quartz cuvettes from Spectrecology are available in 2,100 styles to choose from! Absorbance, Fluorescence, macro, semi micro, sub micro, flow cells, stirred cells, water jacketed cells and many pathlengths. Quartz cuvettes are good from 170nm to 2700nm. IR quartz go to 3200nm. We also make... Read More
  • Disposable Cuvettes

    Disposable cuvettes, 2 sided and 4 sided, caps and lids and cuvette racks. Styles included UV and VIS wavelength range, micro, semi micro and macro volumes, and 2 sided for absorbance or 4 sided for fluorescence. Free shipping for orders over $100 Square lids for all 1cm rectangular cuvettes... Read More
  • Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors

    The O2 sensors consist of quenchable fluorescence dyes embedded in sol gels and polymers that are deposited on the tips of optical fibers, or coated as thin films on flat substrates. Our AP chemistry is ideal for stable operation and immunity from interference from water vapor. Our HCR chemistry... Read More
  • Flame Spectrometer UV-VIS

    The Flame spectrometer is built using industry-leading manufacturing techniques that help deliver high thermal stability and low unit to unit variation — without compromising the flexibility and configurability that are the hallmark of Ocean Optics miniature spectrometers. New features include... Read More
  • Fluorometrics DOpO2 Optical O2 DO Oxygen Sensors

    DOpO2 is our newest totally integrated optical oxygen sensor. DOpO2 uses our high stability Zero-Drift fluorophores to measure pO2 through dynamic quenching of fluorescence. The DOpO2 sensor is waterproof, includes all electronics, signal processing, calibration coefficients and settings... Read More
  • NIR Spectrometers

    NIR spectrometers from Spectrecology include the NirQuest512 array based spectrometers which come in several versions that cover the near infrared spectrum from 900nm to 1700nm; 900-1900nm, 900-2200nm, or 900-2500nm. These Ocean Optics spectrometers work with Oceanview software and are... Read More
  • QEPro Raman Systems

    Raman Systems bundle all the items needed for a complete system. The components are all optimized for the chosen excitation wavelength. The parts include: * Back-thinned cooled CCD array spectrometer, QEPro. * Raman stabilized laser, 1064, 785, 638, or 532nm * Fiber Optic Raman Probe * Fiber... Read More
  • Spectroscopy Light Sources

    UV-VIS-NIR Light sources for illumination, excitation, radiometric calibration and wavelength calibration are available with fiber optic ports for use with our extensive line of fiber optic probes and spectrometers. Deuterium and tungsten broad band CW light sources designed for exceptional the... Read More
  • UV-VIS-NIR-MIR Spectrometers

    Miniature fiber optic spectrometers from Spectrecology are available for all applications...choose from low-cost CCD linear (FLAME, STS, USB4000) arrays, medium-cost back-thinned CCDs (HR4000, MayaPro), our premium cooled back thinned high quantum efficiency detector (QEPro) for demanding low... Read More
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