Products by SpectrEcology
  • Cuvettes - All Styles

    Quartz cuvettes from Spectrecology are available in 2,100 styles to choose from! Absorbance, Fluorescence, macro, semi micro, sub micro, flow cells, stirred cells, water jacketed cells and many pathlengths. Quartz cuvettes are good from 170nm to 2700nm. IR quartz go to 3200nm. We also make... Read More
  • Calibration Standards

    Calibration Standards from Spectrecology include wavelength, absorbance and reflection standards for spectroscopy. We offer calibration lamps (Hg, Ar, Xe, Ne), NIST absorbance solutions, and specular & diffuse reflection standards. Visit our website to learn more. Read More
  • UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometers

    Miniature fiber optic spectrometers from Spectrecology are available for all applications...choose from low-cost CCD linear arrays, medium-cost back-thinned CCDs, and our premium cooled back thinned high quantum efficiency detector for demanding low noise applications. Spectrometers are in stock... Read More
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