Scientech, Inc.

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Boulder, CO 80303-1399

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About Scientech, Inc.

Scientech is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of analytical instruments. For over fifty years, Scientech has been providing quality, American-made precision weighing and laser power measurement equipment to laboratory, analytical, industrial and specialty markets.
Balances include semi-micro (0.01mg readability), analytical (0.1mg readability), precision (1mg readability), laboratory (.01g readability), general (0.1g readability) and NTEP certified balances. These are available from 50 to 12,000 gram weighing capacities. Our pharmaceutical balance is NTEP certified. Balances include a large variety of accessories (printers, calibration weights, weighing pans, draft shields, anti-vibration plates, etc.).
Laser power measurement products include calorimeters, pyroelectric detectors, power meters and accessories.

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