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  • XPR Microbalance & Ultra Micro Balances

    The ultimate balance for smallest sample size down to 0.0000001g Keeping sample weights as small as possible brings tremendous cost savings when handling precious, degradable or toxic substances. XPR Micro balances offer optimum measurement performance in seconds, along with intuitive and easy... Read More
  • XPR Precision Balances

    Outstanding weighing performance even under challenging conditions! XPR balances deliver accurate results, outstanding weighing performance and support the highest requirements for data management and compliance. The extraordinary stability provided by SmartPan means you get your results up to... Read More
  • XSR Precision Balances

    Hit your workload head-on with XSR balances. These robust workhorses are ideal when you have high sample throughput and tight timelines. XSR precision balances offer a winning combination of reliable performance and truly ergonomic operation. Even under the harshest of weighing conditions, you... Read More
White Papers by METTLER TOLEDO
  • Crystallization in Process Chemistry By

    Applying Simple PAT Tools. In process chemistry, crystallization is a common step used during the synthesis of organic compounds to isolate and purify the desired product, and chemists now spend more time developing better crystallization processes. Intermediate synthesis steps can be... Read more
  • Pipetting Ergonomics By

    Understand Pipetting Ergonomics to Reduce Risk. Repetitive strain injuries in your lab can be avoided by gaining an understanding of pipetting forces and choices. Pipetting is a forceful and repetitive activity, and there is a strong association between pipetting and the occurrence of... Read more
  • The Pipetting Handbook By

    Download the Ultimate Knowledge Tool for Pipetting Champions! Pipetting is a central element of Life Science research work. For reproducible results scientists need accurate pipettes and high-quality contamination-free tips. With our pipetting handbook, scientists working in life sciences... Read more
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