Enhanced Spectrometry

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About Enhanced Spectrometry

Enhanced Spectrometry, Inc. promotes the portable and handheld Raman and/or luminescent spectrometry solutions for advanced substances control, quality security inspection, real-time testing and innovative brand protection based on proprietary technology of substances detection, recognition and coding of information.

The Company sells EnSpectr ® devices, accessories, specialized software and services for secutiry check, inspection of consumer goods, medical supplies, water and beverages, and also for conducting real-time medical tests, providing hyper-sensitive methods of substances detection, targeting a high penetration to mass consumer market with low-cost portable and mobile EnSpectr ® devices.

Competitors of Enhanced Spectrometry

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Products by Enhanced Spectrometry

By Enhanced Spectrometry

RamMics M532® Raman Microscope integrates opportunities of Raman Analyzer EnSpectr R532® Scientific Edition and Olympus CX-41 microscope adapted both for transmission and reflection measurements. Wide functionality of RamMics M532® allows distinguishing particles of 2-3 µm size and... Read more »