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About UDY Corporation

UDY Corporation has the expertise to assist you with all of your project needs and a complete fabrication shop is at your service. Products include: hay and forage core samplers, Cyclone sample mills for laboratory sample preparation, React-R-Shakers, the React-R-Mill, Udy Protein Analyzer System, low cost protein test colorimeters and more. As a manufacturer of lab and field equipment, UDY Corporation is experienced in all applications of these products. When you select UDY you get price, product and experience.

We service the globe with quality scientific equipment manufactured by us at our Colorado facility, and select products by other manufacturers. All products and equipment here come with a full manufacturer's warranty and are backed by the knowledgeable personnel at UDY Corporation.

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AMETEK MOCON's Colorado facility manufactures custom, automated gas analyzers and detectors for Indoor Air Quality of toxic gases in the workplace, Environmental Source Monitoring, Ambient Air Networks, surface logging hydrocarbons during oil and gas exploration, and specialty and beverage trace... Read More

Products by UDY Corporation

By UDY Corporation

The Cyclone Lab Sample Mill with Belt Drive is Udy's most popular model of sample mill. Its powerful 3/4 horse motor produces a uniform particle size for sample preparation in a variety of materials. Designed to be adaptable to your lab sample mill and grinder requirements with quality... Read more »

By UDY Corporation

The UDY Colorimeter is used for the final measurement step in protein measurement. UDY Colorimeters use a LED light source. Light passes through the cuvet, dye solution then through an Interference Filter to a Photodiode detector. The photodiode detector generates a small current proportional to... Read more »

By UDY Corporation

React-R-Shaker and React-R-Mill Both units can be customized to fit your process requirements. Professional equipment for your lab. The React-R-Shaker incorporates two timers. A five minute timer and a sixty minute timer. Use the five minute timer with the Extract-R-Tube. Use the Sixty minute... Read more »

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