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Croydon, PA 19021-6007

About Tek-Temp Instruments, Inc.

Tek-Temp Instruments was founded in 1985 with the objective of developing quality products in the heat transfer equipment field. The success of our first models, the MM-1500 and the MM-2500, rapidly established the company as a mojor contender in the competitive market for recirculating chillers.

Since that time,Tek-Temp Instruments has developed and added new systems to its product line.

From the beginning, Tek-Temp Instruments has placed a strong emphasis on complete customer satisfaction with a global network of service and sales personnel covering all major markets.

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Products by Tek-Temp Instruments, Inc.

By Tek-Temp Instruments, Inc.

You can avoid costly tap water usage for your water cooled equipment with our most compact system, the LK-10. Designed for table top or floor usage this air cooled chiller provides all the features required for temperature control and clean coolant circulation. The LK-10 utilizes an... Read more »

By Tek-Temp Instruments, Inc.

Tek-Temp Instruments, new RK-19 rack mount chiller replaces tap water usage in your water-cooled equipment with the industry's most compact system, providing 2500 BTU/Hr (733 watts) of cooling and all of the features necessary for dependable temperature control and coolant circulation. This... Read more »

By Tek-Temp Instruments, Inc.

If your requirements call for a rugged recirculating chiller that's dependable, economical and simple to operate, the TKD-100 Series is your best solution. These compact, single-channel chillers feature CFC-free refrigeration systems with compressor hot discharge gas bypass. Our standard digital... Read more »

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