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About Rotarex

Ceodeux and parent company Rotarex provide a range of gas control solutions including high-performance valves, regulators, connectors and pre-engineered systems for almost every pressurized gas application.

Products by Rotarex

By Rotarex

Portable Cylinder Valves and Regulators

Ceodeux a range of valves for laboratory and medical applications including cylinder & tank valves, line valves, filters, check & safety valves and accessories. Visit the company's website to learn more. Read more »

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By Rotarex

Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators from Ceodeux include solutions for: high pressure, low pressure, point of use, flow regulators, constant flow regulators, back pressure regulators, high & ultra purity, medical, LPG and others. Read more »

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By Rotarex

Hoses, Fittings and Connectors

Visit the website to learn about the types of hoses, fittings and connectors offered by Ceodeux and Rotarex, including compression fittings, pipe fittings, ultra high purity fittings, hoses & pigtails, cylinder connectors and quick connectors. Read more »

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