ProGroup Instrument Corp.

26582 Lockhaven Hill
Godfrey, IL 62035

About ProGroup Instrument Corp.

We are a privately held corporation that focuses on providing our customers with quality products. We take great pride in our quality. In fact, many WellPro instruments manufactured over fifteen years ago are still actively in use today. Precision, performance, and reliability are equally important to us. Only the highest quality materials are used in our manufacturing and, furthermore; we stand behind every product we build.

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Products by ProGroup Instrument Corp.

By ProGroup Instrument Corp.

The 4000CE is the latest generation of instrument in our popular WellPro line of liquid handling instruments . It is built to perform when you need it. Build complex protocols and perform administration easily from a large 10.1″ color touchscreen. With 25 years of proven accuracy,... Read more »

By ProGroup Instrument Corp.

ProPipette Advanced Workstation The next generation of liquid handlers has arrived. The ProPipette advanced workstation is designed for accuracy, efficiency and versatility. It is a precision instrument that can be used with fixed or disposable tips as well as syringe pumps. The instrument... Read more »