Lab Equipment 8/8/2019

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  • XDS MasterLab By FOSS NIRSystems, Inc.

    Based on XDS Near-Infrared (NIR) Technology, the FOSS XDS MasterLab provides the next generation of dedicated NIR analysis for rapid non-destructive measurements of solid dosage forms and solids in vials. Some of the features and benefits are: • XDS Near-Infrared (NIR) technology, which... Read More
  • XDS Process Analytics By FOSS NIRSystems, Inc.

    FOSS patented in-line and on-line NIR process analyzers will minimize start-up time, determine exact chemical endpoints and optimize product consistency. Our rugged systems also track critical quality parameters for petrochemicals, bulk chemical, mixing, blending operations and biological... Read More
  • Xenemetrix X-Calibur ED-XRF Material Analyzer By Eastern Applied Research Inc.

    Xenemetrix's X-Calibur Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer offers a top price-performance solution for elemental analysis. The compact, yet robust, spectrometer fits conveniently on a traditional laboratory bench and includes a completely integrated computer system. The... Read More
  • Xenemetrix X-Cite Academic Laboratory XRF By Eastern Applied Research Inc.

    Xenemetrix Inc has developed the X-Cite xray fluorescence spectrometer for academic/university laboratory interests. The system provides an innovative configuration that provides excellent analytical performance from a bench-top system; with an elemental range of Sodium (Na) through Uranium (U)... Read More
  • XLNCE SMX-BEN XRF Analyzer By EDAX Inc.

    The XLNCE SMX-BEN is a benchtop Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzer that provides non-destructive, composition and coating thickness measurement and analysis on virtually all materials. It is an excellent choice for R&D, process development, process control, and failure... Read More
  • XR5-SE Data Logger By Pace Scientific Inc.

    Small, portable, 8 channel data logger. Over 50 compatible sensors, including temperature, pressure, ac and dc current, voltage, humidity, light, wind speed and direction. All sensors powered from data logger's internal battery. Free LogXR Software included. Optional Ethernet and Wireless... Read More
  • XRD Residual Stress Measurement Equipment By Proto Manufacturing

    Residual stress affects crack initiation and propagation, fatigue life, stress corrosion cracking and distortion. For over 20 years, Proto Manufacturing has been providing both measurement services and equipment for measuring residual stress in metal components. Proto's leading edge x-ray... Read More
  • XSlide Dovetail Stage By VELMEX, Inc

    The Velmex XSlide Assembly is a compact positioning stage highly suitable for either high performance incrementing or scanning of smaller loads. Their compact design makes them ideal for limited space applications. Constructed with hard-coat anodized, aluminum dovetail ways and smooth motion... Read More
  • XY Tables By VELMEX, Inc

    Velmex offers several pre-assembled UniSlide XY Tables to address customer requirements for indexing, scanning, fixturing, pan & tilt positioning and gauging. These tables are designed using the proven UniSlide Linear Stages as a base. Constructed of a hard aluminum alloy and PTFE bearings for... Read More