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  • Walk-In Fume Hoods By Labscape

    The Walk-In conventional fume hood accommodates extensive apparatus setups, allowing special equipment. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows Labscape great flexibility in designing laboratory walk-in hoods with custom interior depths, heights and widths. Content/Features: Air... Read More
  • Water/Wastewater Pumping Systems By PSG Pump Solutions Group, A Dover Company

    PSG’s technologies are well suited to the demanding applications and processes within the water and wastewater treatment industries. PSG’s brands specialize in safe, reliable and efficient metering, dosing, treatment, post treatment, collection, and transfer of water and wastewater. PSG brands... Read More
  • Well “Reversible” Micro Tube Racks By Bio Plas Inc.

    Both the 96 and 64 Well “Reversible” Micro Tube Racks are designed so that one side of the rack accommodates 0.5ml microcentrifuge tubes. The reverse side holds 1.5ml to 2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes and screw cap microcentrifuge tubes. The clear polypropylene cover on the 96 and 64 Well... Read More
  • WellPro 4000CE By ProGroup Instrument Corp.

    The 4000CE is the latest generation of instrument in our popular WellPro line of liquid handling instruments . It is built to perform when you need it. Build complex protocols and perform administration easily from a large 10.1″ color touchscreen. With 25 years of proven accuracy,... Read More

    A full line of mills to take particles from 1.0mm to NANOPARTICLES. Equipment includs: Bead Mills (DYNO®-MILL); Rotor-Stator Homogenizers (Polytron, Megatron, Tissue Tearor), Ultrasonic Liquid Processors (Sonicator, Sonitube) TESTING, RENTALS, SALES, CONTACT WORK. Read More
  • Whatman RTU Filters - 934-AH By Data Support Company Inc.

    Whatman 934-AH, one of the most widely used filters for Total Suspended Solids Analysis, is now available in a time-saving, Ready-To-Use (RTU) format. The 934-AH RTU contains the trusted binder-free, high purity borosilicate glass microfiber filter mentioned in Standard Methods. Now it... Read More
  • Whole Grain NIR Inframatic 9500 By Perten Instruments, Inc.

    The Inframatic 9500 is the latest Inframatic model, and offers the best accuracy available. It is reliable and robust, built to meet the requirements of grain handling operations and analyzes a wide range of grains and oilseeds for moisture, protein, oil and many other parameters in less than... Read More
  • WinGPC Unity Software By Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc

    Macromolecular Chromatography Data System specific for Size exclusion Chromatography a.k.a. Gel Permeation Chromatography. Powerful GPC/SEC software that provide instrument control, data acquisition, data analysis and reporting. Available with or without features that provide 21 CFR part 11... Read More
  • Wireless Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech offers Wireless (RF) data loggers for use in a wide variety of applications and studies. They are perfect for real-time monitoring and alarm applications, and are compatible with MadgeTech Cloud Services. Read More
  • Wood Casework By Labscape

    Classic wood casework adds warmth and style to any lab – transforming even the most sterile workspaces into a traditional and timeless research setting. Labscape™ vintage wood casework has become a standard in university, college, and high school settings. With its proven durability, it’s also a... Read More
  • World Class Texture Training By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Have you ever had a bag of snacks that just would not open, or crackers that had no snap? Maybe cereal that was so crunchy that it hurt to chew or a spread that was so firm it tore your bread? Brookfield offers a course featuring their CT3 Texture Analyzer/Testers, an instrument that helps... Read More
  • Wound Healing Software By OKOLAB: Live Cell Microscopy

    The fully automated algorithm detects wound edges and measures wound area, reparation, as well as geometrical parameters vs time. The algorithm defines, for each image, the image analysis parameters that allow to best detect wound edges. If needed, the parameters can be manually modified for one... Read More