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  • Safety Gas Cabinets (7000 Series) By Safety Equipment Corporation

    The Safety Equipment 7000-Series Compressed Gas Cabinets hold from one to four gas cylinders. They are constructed with high quality materials for long life and ease of use. Our compressed cabinets meet or exceed all existing code requirements worldwide. Custom features and cabinet... Read More
  • S4000CH Combustible Gas Detector By General Monitors

    The S4000CH gas detector is suitable for a wide range of demanding industrial applications where the potential presence of dangerous hydrocarbon-based combustible gas is a threat to people, equipment, and facilities. The S4000CH Gas Detector features General Monitors’ precision catalytic bead... Read More
  • S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector By General Monitors

    The S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector is designed to protect people, equipment, and plants from the dangers of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and features the HART communication protocol for ease of field communications. Because of the detector’s multiple communication methods, a user can... Read More
  • Safety Monitors By Alpha Omega Instruments - a Process Insights Brand

    Concerned over the possibility of unsafe levels of oxygen or carbon dioxide in the breathing air? Need a reliable oxygen deficiency monitor or carbon dioxide monitor? Alpha Omega Instruments manufacturers a complete line of oxygen deficiency monitors and carbon dioxide monitors to help preserve... Read More
  • Sample Master® 8.5 By Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    The Sample Master® LIMS product line is a complete, total data management solution for various types of laboratories. Sample Master® is modular by design allowing customers to purchase only modules that are required and allowing for expansion as the laboratory grows. It utilizes the ease and... Read More
  • Sample Master® Result Point™ By Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    Sample Master® Result Point™ is a portal into your existing Sample Master® LIMS. With it, you can allow your customers or members of your organization to have instantaneous access to real-time analytical results, from virtually anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Result Point users... Read More

    Sampling Rotary Sample Dividers Sample division by our ROTARY SAMPLE DIVIDERS is more accurate than the other standard methods in use today. As more and more processes require exact sampling, make sure that you are using the most accurate method available. PT100 Table Top PK1000 Tube... Read More
  • Sand Viper - Protective Eyewear/Readers By US Safety

    Uncompromised protection from wind, dust and airborne debris. Breathable, fog-free comfort with a secure fit for confidence even in the harshest environments. Now available in bifocal readers! (+1.50 to +2.50) Airborne particles are the leading cause of eye injuries in the workplace. The... Read More
  • Sanitary Grade Drum Mixer By DRUM-MATES, Inc.

    DRUM-MATES, DM-55RAS Series, high efficiency, rim mount sanitary mixers are designed for use in open tanks and drums for blending foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other sanitary compounds. They are versatile for use in a wide range of sanitary liquid types, thicknesses and batching... Read More
  • Sanitary RTDs By Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.

    Standard sanitary assemblies include a proven thin film PT100 platinum RTD sensing element, packaged in an all welded 316L stainless steel probe. An option includes a compact programmable transmitter built into the probe assembly. Configurations feature Tri-Clover® fittings and surface finishes... Read More
  • SciPres Pressure Sensor (Single-Use Pre-Calibrated) By SciLog , Inc.

    The SciPres combines pressure sensing capabilities and the convenience of disposability with easy setup. Each sensor is preprogrammed and barcoded with a unique ID for easy traceability and data documentation when combined with the SciLog SciDoc software. Factory calibration data is also stored... Read More
  • Scoops & Spoons By Qosina Corp.

    Qosina has the largest selection of surgical spoons, in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Medical sampling spoons are offered in a variety of styles, sizes and hold different amounts ranging from 0.05 grams (0.0017 oz., 1.25 ml) - 250 grams (8.45 oz., 250 ml), and lengths are offered from... Read More
  • ScreenIT™ MQPS By Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.

    ScreenIT™ MQPS (Manufacturing Quality Process Solution) is an analytical data management program that is ideal for manufacturing and process control laboratories. It offers unparalleled flexibility throughout its components. The unique design allows users to easily create comprehensive custom... Read More
  • Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes By Bio Plas Inc.

    Bio Plas Screw-Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes are ideal for any sample-processing or storage application imaginable-and especially for working with valuable or hazardous cells and materials. The extraordinary strength, safety and reliability of our Screw-Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes let you perform... Read More
  • SDS- Solvent Drying System By Horizon Technology, Inc.

    Horizon's SDS-101 (Solvent Drying System) simplifies and speeds up the solvent drying step in sample preparation. The system consists of the DryDisk® Separation Membrane, PTFE Membrane Holder Assembly, precision controlled Vacuum Regulator, and Docking Bracket Assembly. The SDS-101 is... Read More
  • Search by Gas By RKI Instruments Inc.

    For over 70 years, RKI has been at the forefront of sensor technology developing advanced detection techniques to provide solutions for specific applications. As a result we provide reliable, rugged gas detection equipment. We provide gas detection for life. Read More
  • SECcurity GPC System By Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc

    The unrivaled performance of SECcurity GPC System results from the synergy between PSS' focused GPC development - WinGPC Unity, its modules, robust column technology and method know-how - and Agilent's highly reliable instrumentation - 1260 Series LC Systems & Modules. SECcurity pledges... Read More

    OAi is a global leader for over 35 years producing precsion lithography equipment for the Semiconductor Industry. Products range from table top mask aligners to automated mask aligners for production, UV light sources and edgebead exposure systems. OAI is also a global leader in Light... Read More
  • Sensys Evo DSC By Setaram, Inc.

    The SENSYS evo DSC offers the most precise DSC sensor with parameter independent calibration to give YOU a DSC system that not only has totally unmatched performance, it also can measure under pressure and reactive atmospheres without compromising your baseline or sensitivity. For the first time... Read More
  • Sentinel Eyewear By US Safety

    Super lightweight wraparound design for men and women, combines a sleek appearance with rugged durability, features rubberized temple tips and integrated nosepiece. Fits comfortably with half mask respirators. Impact resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection and scratch... Read More
  • Sepa Bench-scale Cross Flow Membrane Test Cell By Sterlitech Corporation

    The SEPA Cell is a bench-scale cross/tangential flow cell that provides fast and accurate performance data with minimal amounts of membrane, product, expense or time. Sepa Cell Features and Benefits: Accepts polymeric flat sheet membrane coupons Mimics both laminar or turbulent flow... Read More
  • Septa Bottles and Jars By Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC offers a number of products with open-top closures, such as these septa containers, recommended for sampling and testing of volatiles. Containers are available in clear and amber glass, with PTFE/silicone septum. Read More
  • SER1CH-UA By Symmetric Research

    The SER1CH-UA is a data acquisition system providing 24 bit A/D conversion for one analog input channel at a 1Hz sampling rate. The SER1CH-UA communicates its acquired data to the computer via a standard RS232 serial port. With a very low power consumption of 600 microamps at 9 volts while... Read More
  • Series 2000 Multi-Component Gas Mixer By Environics Inc.

    The Environics® Series 2000 Computerized Multi-Component Gas Mixer automatically blends and dilutes gases to generate precise gas calibration standards, create gaseous atmospheres or produce gas mixes for analytical research or production purposes. The Series 2000 dynamically produces complex... Read More
  • Series 2020 Computerized Gas Dilution System By Environics Inc.

    The Environics® Series 2020 Computerized Gas Dilution System automatically generates precise gas standards for rapid multi-point and multi-scale calibrations. The Series 2020 precisely dilutes high concentration Protocol-1 or certified gas cylinders to an infinitely variable range of... Read More
  • Series 3000 Gas Mixing / Gas Delivery System By Environics Inc.

    The Environics® Series 3000 gas delivery/blending system offers on-site gas blending of 100% pure bulk gases and is configured to provide a solution to using costly premixed cylinders of gas. Unlike premixed cylinders, the Environics model 3000 provides a repeatable blend of gases, using... Read More
  • Series 4000 Multi-Component Gas Mixing System By Environics Inc.

    The Environics® Series 4000 is a multi-component gas mixing system that automatically mixes up to three individual gases in a balance gas. The gas mixes can be used in generating precise gas calibration standards, creating gaseous atmospheres or producing gas mixes for analytical research or... Read More
  • Series 4040 Computerized Gas Dilution System By Environics Inc.

    The Series 4040 is a computerized gas dilution system that automatically generates precise gas standards for rapid multi-point calibration of analyzers. The gas mixes can be used in generating precise gas calibration standards, creating gaseous atmospheres or producing gas mixes for analytical... Read More
  • Series 6100 Computerized Multi-Gas Calibration System By Environics Inc.

    The Environics® Series 6100 Computerized Multi-Gas Calibration System is a computer controlled, state-of-the-art instrument for dynamic multi-point gas calibration of ambient air analyzers. The Series 6100 automatically performs zero, precision, span and multi-point calibrations using NO, NO2,... Read More
  • Series 6103 Ozone Transfer Standard / Multi-Gas Calibrator By Environics Inc.

    The Environics® Series 6103 Ozone Transfer Standard Multi-Gas Calibrator is a computer controlled, state-of-the-art instrument for dynamic multi-point calibration of ambient air analyzers. The Series 6103 automatically performs zero, precision, span and multi-point calibrations using NO, NO2,... Read More
  • Series 6202 Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device 2 (ROBD2) By Environics Inc.

    The Environics® Series 6202 Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device 2 simulates altitude exposure and can be utilized for both research and hypoxia training. The U. S. Navy currently uses the ROBD 2 to train aircrew to recognize the signs and symptoms of hypoxia and to perform the appropriate emergency... Read More
  • Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

    The Series 9000 analyzer provides unparalleled flexibility and offers continuous, fully automated gas analysis over a broad range of concentrations. The 9000 has a dynamic range from less than 10 ppb on the low range version and up to 100% as methane on the high range version. The analyzer has... Read More
  • Series 9100 Computerized Ambient Monitoring Calibration System By Environics Inc.

    The Series 9100 automatically performs zero, precision, span and multi-point calibrations using NO, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, hydrocarbons and other gases of interest. The Series 9100 exceeds all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements. The Series 9100 consists of a single chassis supporting... Read More
  • Series 9100 Gas Chromatograph By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

    This state of the art analyzer provides a multitude of features including lab quality analysis in an online fully integrated instrument. Multiple detector options including PID (Photoionization Detector), High Sensitivity PID, FID (Flame Ionization Detector) and TCD (Thermal Conductivity)... Read More
  • Setsys Evolution DTA/DSC/T By Setaram, Inc.

    Widest temperature range on the market (ambient to 2400°C). Modularity: interchangeable DTA, DSC, TGA and TMA modules can used with the same basic structure. Measurement performance: satisfying unique resolution, accuracy and sensitivity criteria. SETSYS Evolution is the state-of-the-art... Read More
  • Seven2Go S2-Kit By METTLER TOLEDO

    The kit version comes with the S2 portable pH meter and the InLab Expert GO-ISM electrode. -Simple menu for out-of-the-box operation -T-pad navigation with smart button arrangement for simple and fast measurements -IP67 weatherproof and drop test resistance to withstand harsh conditions... Read More
  • Seven2Go S3-Kit Conductivity Meter By METTLER TOLEDO

    The kit version comes with the S3 portable conductivity meter and the InLab 738-ISM IP67 electrode. -Simple menu for out-of-the-box operation -T-pad navigation with smart button arrangement for simple and fast measurements -IP67 weatherproof and drop test resistance to withstand harsh... Read More
  • SevenCompact Duo S213-Kit By METTLER TOLEDO

    The kit version comes with the S213 dual channel meter, one InLab 731-ISM electrode, one InLab Expert Pro-ISM electrode, guides to pH and conductivity measurement, calibration sachets, electrode holder and a protective cover -Prominent color display featuring a 4.3 inch high-resolution screen... Read More
  • SevenCompact S220-Kit By METTLER TOLEDO

    The kit version comes with the S220 meter, InLab Expert Pro-ISM electrode, guide to pH measurement, calibration sachets, electrode holder and a protective cover -Prominent color display featuring a 4.3 inch high-resolution screen with large, easily visible icons -Menu guidance in 12 languages... Read More
  • SevenCompact S230-Kit By METTLER TOLEDO

    The kit version comes with the S230 meter, InLab 731-ISM electrode, guide to conductivity measurement, calibration sachets, electrode holder and a protective cover -Prominent color display featuring a 4.3 inch high-resolution screen with large, easily visible icons -Menu guidance in 12... Read More
  • SevenExcellence S400-Kit By METTLER TOLEDO

    The kit version comes with the S400 meter, InLab Expert PRO-ISM electrode, guide to pH-measurement, and calibration sachets. SevenExcellence combines high measurement performance with an intuitive touchscreen and complete security package for accurate results and solid compliance. This single... Read More
  • SevenExcellence S700-Kit By METTLER TOLEDO

    The kit version comes with the S700 meter, InLab 731-ISM electrode, guide to conductivity measurement, and calibration sachets. SevenExcellence combines high measurement performance with an intuitive touchscreen and complete security package for accurate results and solid compliance. This single... Read More
  • SevenGo Duo Pro SG78-Kit By METTLER TOLEDO

    The kit version comes with the SG78 portable meter, the InLab Expert Pro-ISM, and the InLab 738-ISM. -IP67 water and dustproof to withstand demanding environments -Infrared interface for data transfer to a PC or printer -High contrast display and intuitive menu -Expert and routine operating... Read More
  • SG384, 4 GHz RF signal generator By Stanford Research Systems

    SG384 RF Signal Generator Introducing the SG384, a 4 GHz RF Signal Generator from SRS. It offers a DC to 4 GHz frequency range with 1 Hz resolution, AM, FM, M and PM, with -116 dBc/Hz phase noise at 20 kHz offset from 1 GHz, full octave frequency sweeps, an OCXO timebase and standard RS232,... Read More
  • Shaking Water Bath By IBI Scientific

    3 instruments in one: shaking water bath-constant temperature bath- and a Belly Dancer shaker! Read More
  • Shoe Covers By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    Polypropylene shoe covers are impervious to moisture, non-linting, and anti-static. The polypropylene cover works well in a clean room environment. This non-woven fabric helps filter particulates for contamination control in critical environments. Polyethylene shoe covers are impervious to... Read More
  • Sieves By Topac Inc.

    Brass and Stainless steel sieves and sifters or wet or dry sieving, 8 and 12 inch diameter, ASTM standard sizes - order online Read More
  • Sigma express By Statgraphics

    STATGRAPHICS Sigma Express is an "add-in" for Microsoft Excel that enables users to perform various calculations required when learning or applying Six Sigma. It adds a menu selection to Excel containing sections for each item of the DMAIC paradigm (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control)... Read More
  • SIKA Pressure Gauges By SIKA USA

    SIKA pressure gauges are Bourdon type quality gauges, manufactured according to EN 837-1. They are available in three (3) different case sizes - 63 mm, 80 mm, and 100 mm, and direct mount versions, with optional mounting flanges or U-clamp panel mounting versions. SIKA offers different measuring... Read More
  • SIKA Pressure Pumps By SIKA USA

    SIKA manufacturers pneumatic test pumps and digital reference gauges for calibrating pressure gauges from -0.3 to 4 bar [-4.35 to 58 psi], -0.95 to 40 bar [-14 to 580 psi], -0.95 to 0 bar [-14 to 870 psi]. We also manufacture hydraulic test pumps for higher pressures that include 0 to 700... Read More
  • SIKA Thermometers By SIKA USA

    SIKA manufacturers the famous V-shape glass thermometers, KombiTemp Dial Thermometers and Bimetal Dial Thermometers from -30 to 600 degrees Celsius. Read More
  • Simpactor Pin Mill By Sturtevant Inc

    Sturtevant’s Simpactor Pin Mill is the perfect solution for milling dry powder food ingredients such as MSG, Whey and Amino Acids to precise fine particle sizes of 50-200 mesh. This unit can be designed to fit USDA standards. The Sturtevant Simpactor® Pin Mill is a centrifugal, pin-type... Read More
  • SimpleVIS® Portable Automated Kinematic Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Direct Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent & Opague Liquids with Near ASTM D445 Precision ASTM D7279 Common Applications Product chain of custody monitoring Contamination checks Point of use testing Industrial lube blending Packaging & distribution of petroleum products Petroleum... Read More
  • SINAR AP 6060 By QAQC Lab

    The Sinar AP 6060 Moisture Analyzer is a capacitance based analyzer that has nine pre-programmed channels, used most commonly to measure moisture levels in free flowing agricultural commodities Read More

    The Sinar SP Moisture Probe is the practical solution for the determination of moisture and temperature in bulk grains, foodstuffs or animal feeds. It is ideal for measuring the moisture of coffee, rice, cocoa and other products stored in bags or bulk piles. Read More
  • SINGULA By Integrated Engineering Software

    SINGULA, created with the same leading edge technology as INTEGRATED Engineering Software’s world renowned low frequency electromagnetic design tools, is your best choice for applications requiring high frequency electromagnetic analysis. Utilizing Method of Moments (MoM) technology or the... Read More
  • SkyScan 1172 Micro-CT By Micro Photonics Inc

    The SkyScan 1172 represents a new generation in high-resolution desktop X-ray microtomography (Micro-CT) systems for in vitro scanning. The combined ability of the sample stage and the x-ray camera to move is a novel architecture which allows for an unprecedented combination of image... Read More
  • SmartCal Test Substance By METTLER TOLEDO

    Verify your moisture analyzer’s performance with SmartCal™, a unique routine testing substance. SmartCal verifies the performance of your moisture analyzer in a 10-minute test which is carried out in the same easy way as a regular measurement. Regular testing with SmartCal provides documented... Read More
  • SmartPrep Extractor By Horizon Technology, Inc.

    A Scalable Cartridge Based SPE System delivers unprecedented versatility and intelligent Sample preparation, SmartPrep is the first ever automated, small footprint, extraction system designed specifically for scalable cartridge based SPE of a wide range of contaminants in clean aqueous and... Read More
  • S-Mobile Field Portable XRF Analyzer By Eastern Applied Research Inc.

    Take the laboratory with you using the innovative S-Mobile SDD from Xenemetrix. This field portable XRF (FP-XRF) provides a compact analyzer that can be taken to where the analysis needs to be. When the measurement task requires real-time, high-quality results, the S-Mobile SDD meets the... Read More
  • Smoke Spec Prescription Lens Inserts By Prescription Spectacle Inserts International, LLC

    The Smoke Spec prescription lens insert provides the users of SCBA full facepiece respirators with clear, unobstructed vision when working in hazardous conditions. Features of the Smoke Spec Prescription Lens insert include: - Nylon eyeglass frame compatible with most SCBA Full Facepiece... Read More
  • Smoke Spec Prescription Lens Inserts for Full-Facepiece Respirators By Prescription Spectacle Inserts International, LLC

    Features of the Smoke Spec Prescription Lens Inserts for Respirators: - Nylon eyeglass frame compatible with most SCBA Full Facepiece respirators equipped with a single facepiece lens. - Can use any power eyeglass prescription: single or bifocal vision or reader lenses (magnifiers). - OSHA... Read More
  • SNR650 FID By Control Instruments Corp

    For parts per million measurement of VOCs from oxidizer stacks, adsorption beds,and process vents. Read More
  • Softening Point with DP Excellence By METTLER TOLEDO

    Guarantee accuracy of your boiling point measurements with a built-in atmospheric pressure sensor. Increase your throughput by performing two measurements simultaneously and in just one click. Softening point the easy way: No more messy cleanup after performing a softening point experiment:... Read More
  • Solaris - Protective Eyewear By US Safety

    This contemporary frame design combines fit, function and style for a clean sleek appearance. Molded from impact resistant nylon, the Solaris incorporates a cushion brow pad, soft PVC nose pads and rubberized bayonet temples. All Solaris lenses provide 99.9% UV protection, are molded from... Read More
  • Solenoid Pinch Valves By Clippard

    Clippard's NPV Series Miniature Pinch Valves are solenoid-operated devices that ares designed to open and close tubes for controlling flow of liquids and gases. Other valve types have internal passages that may cause small amounts of fluid to remain in the valve. Pinch valves have no areas or... Read More
  • SOM® Simple Moving Microscope By SUTTER INSTRUMENT

    The Son of MOM® (SOM®) is a small, simple microscope designed to allow a single experimental setup to be used for both in vivo and in vitro experimentation. As in our two-photon Movable Objective Microscope (MOM), positioning over the sample and focusing is accomplished robotically. This removes... Read More

    The original Model L3P Sonic Sifter Separator operates by using sonic pulses combined with mechanical agitation, to provide effective separation of particles in size ranges otherwise unattainable. If you are trying to accomplish non destructive separation of small particles and /or small... Read More
  • SonoStep - One Step Sonication of Samples By Hielscher Ultrasonics GmbH

    The SonoStep combines ultrasonication, stirring and pumping of samples in a compact design. It is easy to operate and can be used to deliver sonicated samples to analytic devices, e.g. for particle size measurement. Ultrasonication helps to disperse agglomerated particles for the preparation... Read More
  • Sovella Wall Shelving By Treston, Inc

    Sovella wall shelving is an easily modified, versatile shelving system. It is mounted directly on the wall keeping floor area clean and open. Read More
  • Specialty Gases By Airgas, an Air Liquide company

    On spec. All the time. If high-performance gases are required as part of your demanding application and analytical accuracy is key, Airgas can help. You can count on this during blending with the latest analytical equipment and techniques, in specialty gas labs where most are ISO 9001... Read More

    Spectrolight offers a family of array-based spectrometers delivering computer controlled state-of-the-art–performance in a miniaturized package. Read More
  • Spectrophotometer UV5 By METTLER TOLEDO

    • Simple One Click Operation The large color touchscreen features an intuitive One Click interface. All users have their own home screen, enabling daily tasks in just One Click. • Ready at the Start The instrument is shipped and ready for immediate use. Simply power up the system and measure. •... Read More
  • Spectrophotometer UV7 By METTLER TOLEDO

    • Excellence Performance FastTrackTM technology ensures exceptional optical performance. Automated performance verification is possible with the optional CertiRefTM module. • Simple One ClickTM Operation The large color touchscreen features an intuitive One Click interface. All users have... Read More
  • Spectroscopy Light Sources By SpectrEcology

    UV-VIS-NIR Light sources for illumination, excitation, radiometric calibration and wavelength calibration are available with fiber optic ports for use with our extensive line of fiber optic probes and spectrometers. Deuterium and tungsten broad band CW light sources designed for exceptional the... Read More
  • SPE-DEX® 3000XL "Oil & Grease Machine" By Horizon Technology, Inc.

    Using a combination of advanced liquid handling and 'Certified for Automation' Pacific O&G SPE Disks, the SPE-DEX® 3000XL Extraction System delivers the accuracy and consistency of data laboratories need to comply with Method 1664A QC specifications. Using SPE, in high-throughput laboratories... Read More
  • SPE-DEX® 4790 Automated Extraction System By Horizon Technology, Inc.

    The SPE-DEX 4790® Automated Extraction System is a fully automated sample preparation system designed to rapidly process samples for trace level analysis of organic chemical contaminants from aqueous samples using United States EPA methods for Solid Phase Extraction (SPE). The SPE-DEX® 4790... Read More
  • Spring Return Dead Man Handle Ball Valve By S&K AUTOMATION

    Ball Valve with spring return deadman handle is used for sampling, filling containers, draining tanks and other applications. If the operator release the spring handle, the valve will return to the closed position. It could also be used to fail open if desired. Features include: Live loaded... Read More
  • ST8610 By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    The IMPACTO Carpal Tunnel Glove features a Unique channel over the carpal tunnel keeps pressure off the median nerve to alleviate symptoms of repetitive injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused by repetitive use and vibrating tools. - Half finger ensures tactile feedback - Visco-elastic... Read More
  • STA - Simultaneous TGA-DSC By Netzsch Instruments North America, LLC

    The simultaneous application of Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) to a single sample in an STA instrument yields more information than separate application in two different instruments: The test conditions are perfectly identical for the TG and DSC... Read More
  • Stability Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ provides stability testing, accelerated aging, shelf life testing, and package testing services. We offer a full range of temperature & humidity chambers that meet various test specifications including ASTM, ISTA, ICH Q1A and other test standards that involve temperature & humidity testing. Read More
  • Stack Gas Analyzer By COSA Xentaur - a Process Insights Brand

    The ZSS uses a non-dispersive infrared absorbance system which is made up by an infrared semiconductor laser for a light source and a photo-diode for the photo-detection. Measure NH3, HCl, H2O, O2, CO, CO2, and CH4 gas concentrations in a stack at high speed. The ZSS has a measuring range of... Read More
  • Stainless Steel Casework By Labscape

    This is a great product for healthcare environments (blood bank facilities for example) and food testing laboratories where bleach is the main cleaning component. We manufacture our stainless steel (Type No. 304) casework cabinet bodies, drawer bodies and shelves in 18 gauge in a satin finish.... Read More
  • Statgraphics Centurion XVIII By Statgraphics

    STATGRAPHICS Centurion is designed for anyone who wishes to do serious data analysis without investing weeks learning how to use a statistical package. It contains over 180 statistical procedures, covering everything from summary statistics to design of experiments (DOE). Yet you don't need to... Read More
  • STATLIA By Brendan Technologies

    STATLIA software, from Brendan Technologies, provides industry-leading computations and analysis for all immunoassay and bioassay technologies. The software can be interfaced to any instrument and LIM system, including microplate readers, fluorometers, luminometers, multiplex instruments and... Read More
  • SteadyShake 757 and 757L benchtop incubator shakers By Amerex Instruments Inc

    The SteadyShake™ 757 and 757L are economical and compact benchtop incubator shakers. The 757 occupies only 18"W x 19"D of space, and the 757L is slightly larger (20.5"W x 25.5"D) for increased flask capacity. The 757 can accommodate four 2-liter Erlenmeyer or two 2.8-liter Fernbach flasks, and... Read More
  • Steam Injection Packaged Systems By Pick Heaters, Inc.

    Pick Pre-Packaged Systems are designed specifically to meet process industry needs efficiently and effectively, from a pilot project to a large-scale production. Whether it's Pick Constant Flow or Variable Flow Direct Steam Injection, we can package a heater with the auxiliary components... Read More
  • Steam Injection Sanitary Heaters By Pick Heaters, Inc.

    The Pick Sanitary Heater heats or cooks any water miscible liquid or slurry instantly on a continuous straight through basis. Pick is the only Direct Steam Injection system that achieves set point temperature on demand with a non-shearing action. Forget the inherent process inefficiencies... Read More
  • Steam Sterilization Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech's steam sterilization data loggers can be used to monitor, record and validate each cycle. This rugged product line includes devices capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 °C, as well as enduring the sterilizer’s high pressure environment. Each device records data at a... Read More
  • Sterilizing Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch offers a wide selection of high performance ovens for annealing. The portfolio of annealing ovens offers a variety of chamber sizes and temperature capabilities to best fir any customer’s application. These ovens feature exceptional temperature uniformity, flexibility and tight process... Read More
  • SteriLUX® PVDF Filter By Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.

    Meissner's SteriLUX® PVDF filter is designed for filtration of aqueous and organic solvent-based solutions. The filter is available in 0.1 µm - 0.6 µm ratings for clarification through sterilization of of liquids. Read More
  • Stirrers By Cornerstone Scientific

    Equipment - Hotplates & Stirrers, Bench Top Read More
  • Stratus By Statgraphics

    Statgraphics stratus is a slimmed down version of Centurion XVIII that runs within a web browser. You can enter data directly into the data editor or read data from text files, Excel files, or other common formats. The calculations are performed remotely on a web server and the results are... Read More
  • Sturtevant Hammermill By Sturtevant Inc

    Sturtevant Hammermills provide unexcelled general size reduction for virtually any dry friable material. Wide range of reduction by impact from swinging hammers. Product size controlled by grates and screens. Material reduced to granular powder at high rate. Heavy-duty, cast-iron... Read More
  • Sturtevant Jaw Crusher By Sturtevant Inc

    Sturtevant Jaw Crushers are unsurpassed in coarse and intermediate crushing. Even very hard materials can be reduced for further processing. Reduces by compression and shear stress. Heavy-duty, cast-iron construction; decades of dependable service. East access; simplified inspection... Read More
  • Sturtevant Powderizer Air Classifying Mill By Sturtevant Inc

    - The Sturtevant Powderizer®, a “classifying impact mill” capable of reducing powders to less than ten microns, is fast becoming the workhorse in particle size reduction applications. Due to its independently driven impact milling and air classification technologies combined in one unit, it can... Read More
  • Sturtevant Qualification Micronizer By Sturtevant Inc

    Because its milling chamber has the same configuration as larger production mills, the new Qualification Micronizer® jet mill from Sturtevant Inc. enables pharmaceutical laboratories to develop powder formulations with desired fine particle sizes on small scale, before confidently proceeding to... Read More
  • Sturtevant Roll Crusher By Sturtevant Inc

    Sturtevant Roll Crushers are ideal for laboratory and limited-capacity production operations for the aggregate, minerals, ceramics, chemicals and sintered metals industry. Whether the application is for coarse crushing to intermediate crushing or a controlled reduction of material to limit fines... Read More
  • Sturtevant Sample Grinder By Sturtevant Inc

    These Sturtevant Sample Grinders are of the "Open Door" disc type construction and are capable of very fine work, producing products as fine as 100 mesh (coarser if desired) when working on dry, friable, soft or moderately hard materials. They also can work on many hard rocks and ores, but with... Read More
  • Sturtevant Sanitary Design Micronizer By Sturtevant Inc

    The Sturtevant Sanitary Design Micronizer® (USDA-Accepted Jet Mill) utilizes a unique fluid energy grinding system to generate particle-on-particle impact. Designed for high performance below 325 mesh (44 microns) — the economical fineness limit of many mechanical grinders — the Micronizer®... Read More
  • Sturtevant SuperFine Air Classifier By Sturtevant Inc

    For over 82 years, Sturtevant Air Classifiers have provided the chemical, ceramic, mineral, and food processing industries with air classifiers that separate fine powders from coarse powders. Benefits of the SuperFine® Air Classifier include:  Ultra-Fine Particle Size Separation  Narrow... Read More
  • Stylometer By Quad Group Inc.

    Quad Group’s Stylometer is a software driven diamond scratch coating adherence tester. It is intended for the testing of all kinds of thin films and is especially valuable in the testing of tribological or wear-coatings whose adherence normally exceed the measurement range of all other known... Read More
  • STyLUX® PES Filter By Meissner Filtration Products, Inc.

    Meissner's STyLUX® PES filter delivers fast flow rates with maximum security for particle and microorganism removal in critical applications. The filter is available in ratings from 0.1 µm to 0.6 µm. Read More
  • Submersible FlowCAM By Fluid Imaging Technologies

    Submersible FlowCAM® - In-Situ Monitoring. System Features: Proven FlowCAM Technology Deployment to 200 Meters Particle Size Range 10 - 600µm (Customization Available) Remote Operation Two Channel Fluorescence Triggering using 532nm Laser Integration With Other Sensors... Read More
  • Sulfur in Isooctane Standards By SCP SCIENCE

    Sulfur in in isooctane standards were developed in accordance with ASTM methods D5453, D4294, D6334, D3120, D3246, D3961 D4045, D6212, D6313, D6428 for the analysis of sulfur in gasoline or other petroleum products. Tested quality and stability is always proven for all SCP SCIENCE – CONOSTAN... Read More
  • Sulfur in Residual Oil Standards By SCP SCIENCE

    Sulfur in Residual oil standards were developed in accordance with ASTM methods D5453, D4294, D6334, D3120, D3246, D3961 D4045, D6212, D6313, D6428 for the analysis of sulfur in gasoline or other petroleum products. Tested quality and stability is always proven for all SCP SCIENCE – CONOSTAN... Read More
  • Super L Hydraulic Tensile Testers By Tinius Olsen

    Super "L" Testing Machines are rugged tension and compression hydraulic machines proven in thousands of demanding applications worldwide. Available with digital readout ...and optional servo and computer control systems. Maximum frame capacities from 150kN (30,000lbf, 15,000kg). Read More

    Fluitron's 30+ years experience in high pressure and temperature technology has produced a unit that is easy to use, facilitates quick turnover and is low maintenance. The system features a 100cc, 10,000 psi extractor, 500cc separator, air-operated liquid pump, temperature, pressure & flow... Read More
  • SureSite® Visual Indicators By Gems Sensors & Controls

    The safe alternative to cloudy, breakable sight glasses. High Visibility - Brilliantly colored flags are easy to read, even at great distances. The indicator is isolated from the measure media; therefore, Suresites can be used where sight glasses are not even a consideration. Durability -... Read More
  • SVAC2 Vacuum Oven, 1.67 Cubic Feet, 115V By Sheldon Manufacturing , Inc.

    Our revamped SHEL LAB SVAC vacuum ovens provide exceptional capabilities for fast and gentle drying of heat sensitive materials. Vacuum ovens prevent residue accumulation on products and use lower temperatures than typical convection ovens. Your products are processed with minimal impact and... Read More
  • SYRINGE PUMP By Fluitron, Inc.

    Series SP Motor Driven Syringe Pumps The Fluitron SP Series high-pressure syringe pumps are motor-driven, positive displacement pumps designed specifically for the precise injection of catalysts and other fluids into high-pressure systems. The design features a slow-moving plunger moving... Read More
  • Syringes By Cornerstone Scientific

    Chromatography - Syringes - Chrom, 10ml, Luer Slip, non-sterile, 1,000/CS Read More