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  • Rapid Response TC-12 TEMP-CHECK Thermometer By Hampshire Controls Corp.

    The Temp-Check (Model TC-12) thermometer determines the temperature of small bags or containers in seconds. Designed for hospital or laboratories, it measures the temperature of plasma, red blood cells, or other materials that are placed on the sensing pad. This non-invasive device allows... Read More
  • Replacement Cartridges By Aries FilterWorks

    Aries Filter Works replacement cartridges are designed to fit standard 10 inch and 20 inch housings. A wide variety of medias are available to handle a number of problem waters. The housings are made of high-grade injection molded plastic. Special cartridges can be designed to meet your specific... Read More
  • Radiation Alert Area Monitor By S. E. International, Inc.

    The Radiation Alert® Area Monitor is one of the most user friendly, all inclusive, state of the art radiation area monitors available. The easy to use interface is an intelligent resistive touch screen display featuring a large five digit LED readout. It comes with either an internal or... Read More
  • Radiation Alert Ranger By S. E. International, Inc.

    The Ranger offers maximum performance in a lightweight, rugged solution for surveying at the facility or in the field. The Ranger has been designed for industrial environments, but it still has all of the features you’ve come to love in the lab. The Ranger is a small, handheld,... Read More
  • Radio Isotope Fume Hoods By Labscape

    The Radio Isotope conventional bypass fume hood’s interior is specifically built and designed for use with radioactive materials. For decontamination/cleaning purposes this hood is manufactured with a one-one piece stainless steel liner and countertop. Content/Features: Air Management:... Read More
  • Raman Microscope By Renishaw, Inc

    Renishaw Raman spectrometers are configurable to include multiple excitation sources from the UV through NIR with automated laser switching and alignment, quick-launch fiber-optic probes, AFM/NSOM/Raman, SEM-Raman, hot/cold cells, macrosampling, global Raman imaging, near excitation analysis,... Read More
  • Raman Microscope RamMics By Enhanced Spectrometry

    RamMics M532® Raman Microscope integrates opportunities of Raman Analyzer EnSpectr R532® Scientific Edition and Olympus CX-41 microscope adapted both for transmission and reflection measurements. Wide functionality of RamMics M532® allows distinguishing particles of 2-3 µm size and... Read More
  • Raman Spectroscopy By HORIBA Scientific

    HORIBA Scientific is the world leader in Raman spectroscopy, with a long history in the technique. HORIBA Scientific has pioneered systems for Raman spectroscopy, designing and manufacturing them for over four decades. The Raman effect allows fast, non-destructive chemical analysis of solids,... Read More
  • RAMANRXN1™ Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN1™ analyzer incorporates a high-powered Invictus™ NIR laser to minimize fluorescence and HoloPlex™ grating technology to provide fast, simultaneous full spectral collection of Raman data. Fiber optic sampling and probe technologies enable the RAMANRXN1™ analyzer to analyze, in real... Read More
  • RAMANRXN2™ 1000 Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN2™ 1000 analyzer has been designed to provide the spectral performance of a laboratory FT-Raman instrument but with the capability for in situ reaction monitoring using fiber-coupled probes. the already established technology of the RAMANRXN SYSTEMS™ suite of Raman analyzers,... Read More
  • RAMANRXN2™ HYBRID Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN2™ HYBRID analyzer is the first Raman analyzer to feature both traditional small spot Raman sampling and PhAT-based wide area Raman sampling. Small spot immersion sampling remains the preferred approach for liquid-phase analysis of reaction mixtures while the added capability of... Read More
  • RAMANRXN3™ Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN3™ analyzer is a self-calibrating, self-diagnosing, fiber-coupled Raman analyzer designed to meet the needs of the process analytics, chemical, and polymers markets as well as the PAT pharmaceutical market. The analyzer is contained in a stainless steel enclosure rated for... Read More
  • RAMANRXN4™ Analyzer By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The RAMANRXN4™ 785-nm Multi-channel Raman Analyzer - The RAMANRXN4™ multi-channel Raman analyzer provides state-of-the-art Raman measurements of liquids and reaction mixtures. The analyzer has been designed for easy 3rd-part integration into standardized company-specific installation... Read More
  • Rapid Visco Analyser (RVA) By Perten Instruments, Inc.

    The Rapid Visco Analyser is a unique tool for product development, quality and process control and quality assurance. The RVA is a cooking, stirring viscometer with ramped temperature and variable shear capability optimized for testing the viscous properties of starch, grain, flour and foods.... Read More
  • RC1mx Reaction Calorimeter with HFCal option By METTLER TOLEDO

    The RC1mx is the world leading technology for reaction calorimetry and process safety. Accurate and comprehensive calorimetric data provides researchers with information needed to identify and eliminate nonscalable conditions, and ensure confidence when scaling up. The intuitive platform... Read More
  • Reaction Torque Meter By Sensor Technology Ltd

    The SIT 105/110/120 strain gauge reaction transducers are designed for operation in any industrial environment. Models are available in sizes ranging from 50Nm to 5000Nm, offering outputs from mV/V outputs, to ratiometric voltage outputs, to digital data connection via RS232 or USB. An option of... Read More
  • ReactIR In Situ Reaction Analysis By METTLER TOLEDO

    Synthesize, optimize, and characterize products and processes - right on time! ReactIR enables scientists to study reaction progression over time, providing highly specific information about initiation, endpoint, conversion, kinetics, mechanism, and pathway. A real-time, in situ mid-infrared... Read More
  • ReactRaman 785 By METTLER TOLEDO

    ReactRaman is a probe-based, Raman spectroscopy instrument that can monitor crystallization processes, and reveal reaction mechanisms and kinetics in single or multiphase systems. A compact base unit with a high-performance spectrometer and sampling technology is coupled with the next generation... Read More
  • React-R-Shaker By UDY Corporation

    React-R-Shaker and React-R-Mill Both units can be customized to fit your process requirements. Professional equipment for your lab. The React-R-Shaker incorporates two timers. A five minute timer and a sixty minute timer. Use the five minute timer with the Extract-R-Tube. Use the Sixty minute... Read More
  • Reduced Surface Activity (RSA™) Glass By Cornerstone Scientific

    The MicroSolv™ MRQ™ vials are solid glass vials designed for use with autosamplers with side port needles such as Waters® Alliance and others. To maintain the critical bottom height of the bottom well and the shelf for maximum recovery, they are made with a "mandrel". You can rely on the... Read More
  • Refractometers By Topac Inc.

    Wide selection of hand held optical and digital refractometers. process refractometers, mount in tanks or pipes. Special scales for clinical, laboratory, and automotive applications. High resolution laboratory instruments from Schmidt & Haensch Read More
  • Refurbished Agilent HPLC By GenTech Scientific Inc

    Fully refurbished with warranty. We provide a test results report to verify that the instrument meets all relevant specifications. Models: • 1260 • 1200 • 1100 • 1050 Detectors: • Diode Array Detector (DAD) • Variable Wavelenth Detector (VWD) • Refractive Index Detector (RID) •... Read More
  • Refurbished Mass Spectrometers By GenTech Scientific Inc

    MASS SPECTROMETER - REFURBISHED WITH WARRANTY GenTech offers used mass spectrometers that are fully refurbished with warranty. A test results report is included with every instrument that we sell in order to verify that these tests were run and that the instrument meets all relevant... Read More
  • Refurbished Thermo LTQ linear ion trap mass spectrometer By IET | International Equipment TRADING Ltd.

    Refurbished Thermo LTQ linear ion trap mass spectrometer complete with ESI probe, Edwards roughing pumps and PC with new XCalibur 2.0 software with license. OPTIONAL: Nano Spray probe, Surveyor HPLC with MS Plus pump, Surveyor micro autosampler, and Surveyor PDA Read More
  • Research Products By CoolLED Ltd.

    CoolLED uses the latest LED technology for its family of excitation products. From a simple single-wavelength source to multiple wavelength automated systems, all CoolLED products use active-cooling to ensure the best possible performance. As a result, stability, intensity and precise control... Read More
  • RFCO2RHTemp2000A By MadgeTech Inc

    The RFCO2RHTemp2000A is a wireless data logger that measures and records carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature levels in a variety of applications. This data logger is ideal for use in air quality studies including HVAC applications and much more. The RFCO2RHTemp2000A data logger comes with... Read More
  • RheocalcT Software By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Get Total Control of Your Instrument, Test Parameters and Data Collection with New RheocalcT Software! RheocalcT Software delivers total control of both instrument and test parameters. RheocalcT offers the operator the ability to fully-automated viscosity testing from a dedicated PC when using... Read More
  • RHTemp1000IS By MadgeTech Inc

    The new RHTemp1000IS Intrinsically Safe humidity and temperature logger is a rugged, battery powered, stand alone device which can be used to automatically record humidity and temperature. This compact, portable, easy to use device is able to measure and record up to 16,350 humidity and... Read More
  • Rigid Box Filters Laboratory Equipment By Factory Direct Filters

    The Eco-Aire Rigid Air Filter is a steel-cased air filter engineered to provide medium and high efficiency filtration combined with a prolonged life cycle. Its box filter construction eliminates the need for retainer and special external wire media supports. The perimeter frame is constructed of... Read More
  • RK-19 Rack Mount By Tek-Temp Instruments, Inc.

    Tek-Temp Instruments, new RK-19 rack mount chiller replaces tap water usage in your water-cooled equipment with the industry's most compact system, providing 2500 BTU/Hr (733 watts) of cooling and all of the features necessary for dependable temperature control and coolant circulation. This... Read More
  • Rock, Concrete, and Asphalt Extensometers By Epsilon Technology Corp.

    Designed for tensile or compressive strength tests on rock, concrete, and other small diameter compression samples. Read More
  • ROCKET Evaporator accelerates chiral separation workflows By Genevac Ltd

    Able to simultaneously dry or concentrate as many as six large volume flasks* - five times faster than conventional rotary evaporators - the Genevac Rocket™ Evaporator is a powerful tool for accelerating traditionally difficult and time consuming chiral separation workflows. In recent years... Read More
  • Roll Compaction Systems - TFC By Freund-Vector Corp

    The Freund-Vector TFC Roll Compaction system is a versatile densification and dry granulation machine that produces uniform compacted sheets with consistent hardness and increased density by compacting powdered material between two uniquely designed rolls. The TFC Roll Compaction systems... Read More
  • ROMULUS Universal Mechanical Strength Tester By Quad Group Inc.

    The Breaking Point Platform consists of two separate segments. The force generation MODULE is below the working deck and the sample engagement MODULE is above the deck. The Breaking Point is used to perform stud pull testing, which evaluates a coating to determine your adhesion strength. Your... Read More
  • Ronco CoverMe XP 1800 Coverall By RONCO

    - Coverme XP 1800 is made of light microporous fabric - Offers comfort and protection against hazardous liquid splash and particulate. - Complete With 3-piece hood, zipper, elastic wrists, fully elastic waist, and elastic ankles. - Exceeds EN 368 & EN 14126 - performance levels exceed the... Read More
  • Ronco Nitech® By RONCO

    - Manufactured from patented premium quality synthetic materials - Exclusive to Ronco - 100% powder free and latex free - Smooth texture for superior touch sensitivity - Exceptional strength - Evaluated and accepted by CFIA for food handling - Possesses Health Canada medical device license Read More
  • Ronco NOVA™ - "Over-The-Glass" Safety Glasses By RONCO

    - Fits over most prescription eyewear - Heavy-duty inclination system - Integrated lateral protection - Anti-Scratch Lens - Anti-Fog Lens - Adjustable Temple Length - Pantoscopic Adjustment - Dual Injected Rubber for extra grip Read More
  • Ronco PrimaCut™ Touch Compatible Glove By RONCO

    - Excellent heavy duty cut resistance level (EN 388 cut level 5) - Sandy nitrile palm and finger coating for tough protection against abrasive surfaces - Seamless, flexible and soft cut resistant liner for a more comfortable and cool feel - Cut-resistant TIR™ - Thumb Index... Read More
  • Rotarods for mice and rats By IITC Inc./Life Science

    All in one system for mice and rats, forward/reverse, customizable, 5 lanes standard for behavioral testing. Speed up to 45 rpm or higher if needed. Read More
  • Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27 By FRITSCH

    Today modern analytical instruments for particle characterisation for example can achieve previously unheard-of levels of precision. Unfortunately, it is frequently overlooked that the overall error in analysis is comprised of the measurement error of the analytical instrument plus the... Read More
  • Rotary Tables By VELMEX, Inc.

    Velmex Rotary Tables deliver precise, continuous rotating motion for scanning, assembly, testing and production. They are a convenient, accurate method of quickly positioning a payload. The tables use a rugged worm and gear drive design with a central rotating ball bearing. Velmex offers two... Read More
  • Rotosolver High Shear Mixer By Admix Inc.

    The Rotosolver high shear in-tank mixer is designed to improve your process without sacrificing product quality. No other in-tank mixer wets and disperses powder faster or more effectively. The Rotosolver provides complete dispersion of powders, gums and stabilizers in just a few minutes. A wide... Read More
  • Rubber Inks By Union Process Inc.

    For over 40 years, Union Process has been selling the highest quality rubber and vinyl inks to companies in almost every corner of the world! Designed for printing on natural latex rubber products, our non-toxic rubber inks are ideal for mottling, stamping, silk screening and marking. A free... Read More