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  • Prodigy Motion Control Boards By Performance Motion Devices

    Prodigy® Motion Control Boards provide high performance board-level motion control for scientific, automation, industrial, and robotic applications. Available in PC/104, standalone, and standalone with built-in amplifiers (machine controller) configurations, these boards support Brushless DC,... Read More
  • P-2000 Laser-Based Micropipette Puller By SUTTER INSTRUMENT

    he P-2000 micropipette puller represents a significant advance in the technology of fabrication of micropipettes, optical fiber probes, and nanospray tips. The P-2000 integrates a CO2 laser-based heat source with the technology derived from our extensive experience with conventional... Read More
  • P621 Sanitary Pressure Transmitter By Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.

    The P621 is included in Tel-Tru’s P600 Series, which features a single piece 316L stainless steel sensing element with a high output silicon glass fused strain gauge. This combination maximizes cycle life even in the presence of pressure spikes, vibration, and aggressive fluid media. In... Read More
  • PAC300 By Mtec Photoacoustics Inc

    Microphone sensitivity/frequency range: 65 mV/Pa; 5 Hz to 20 kHz. Mirror focusing factor: 2 to 1. Spectral range defined by window material (KBr standard): UV to 400 cm-1. Gain range: 2-10,000 in 12 steps. Maximum sample size: 10mm diameter x 8mm height. Provision for helium-purged and... Read More
  • Package Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    CSZ Testing Laboratory provides package testing services for a variety of package test standards including ISTA, ASTM, and FedEx. When you need to simulate shipment or transport of product, we can help. Refer to the list below for a few of the more common package testing specifications. Read More
  • Packaging Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Packaging systems can pose challenging problems for manufacturers. We solve complex problems with cartons, cans, bottles, pouches, vials, bags, and more. We've helped manufacturers in the research and development phases, as well as trouble-shooting finished products. Our comprehensive... Read More
  • Pantera - Protective Eyewear By US Safety

    Superior performance in hostile environments. Pantera is stylish, durable and accommodates the majority of prescription eyewear users. Ideal for dusty, wind-blown environments where eye injuries are prevalent. Now available to two sizes! The Pantera QS is ideal for smaller faces. Also new is... Read More
  • Particle Characterization By Union Process Inc.

    Union Process Inc. offers a broad range of Analytical Services to cover your needs with regard to material characterization and particle size identification. Our experienced Technical Team has over 100 collective years in the size reduction industry as well as backgrounds in Material Science,... Read More
  • Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 28 By FRITSCH

    The ideal Particle Sizer for all applications that require accurate and reproducible measuring results for both particle shape and size. The optical process of Dynamic Image Analysis provides results for a wide measuring range, delivers multiple shape parameters and evaluation possibilities for... Read More
  • Particle Sizing By Fritsch Milling & Sizing, Inc.

    Static Light Scattering – perfect for particle sizing from 0.01 to 2100 µm! The Laser Particle Sizer ANALYSETTE 22 NeXT is used worldwide in production and quality control, in research and development for the precise measurement of particle sizes. Dynamic Image Analysis – particle shape and... Read More
  • ParticleTrack With FBRM Technology By METTLER TOLEDO

    ParticleTrack with FBRM® technology is a probe-based instrument inserted directly into laboratory reactors to track changing particle size and count in real time at full process concentrations. Particles, particle structures, and droplets are monitored continuously, as experimental conditions... Read More
  • ParticleView Technology By METTLER TOLEDO

    PVM® technology is a probe-based instrument that visualizes particles and particle mechanisms in real time. High-resolution images are continuously captured under a wide range of process conditions without the need for sampling or manual offline analysis. A process trend, sensitive to changes in... Read More
  • PCD - Packaged Indirect Heating Systems By Pick Heaters, Inc.

    Pick Custom Design (PCD) systems incorporate various methods of heat transfer, including ancillary components for a complete skid or frame package, ready for customer final installation and start-up. This eliminates the chore for customers to piece-meal required piping, valves, traps... Read More
  • PCR Thermal Cyclers By Esco Technologies Inc

    Esco offers a choice of Conventional Thermal Cycler and Real Time Thermal Cycler models designed to meet critical requirements for all kinds of PCR processes, such as, Gradient PCR, Touch down PCR, High throughput PCR, in situ PCR and so on, using a variety of PCR tubes, strips, plates and... Read More
  • PCR Tubes and Caps By Bio Plas Inc.

    Bio Plas PCR Tube Benefits: - Tubes provide optimal contact with the sample block, thus ensuring optimal heat transfer - Prevent cross-contamination - Provide a secure seal for oil-free thermal cycling Individual 0.2mL Thin Wall Tubes require an 8 or 12 Strip Cap to seal each Tube... Read More
  • Peel Adhesion Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Packaging is mainly for the protection or preservation of contents—from physical damage or contamination and may experience wide variations in temperature from manufacturer to end user. Increasingly, it is designed to open easily by peeling rather than tearing. However, when peelable seals are... Read More
  • Peeper Cheaters - Protective Eyewear/Readers By US Safety

    Ultra-light weight nylon frame with soft PVC nose pads. Wrap-around sport styling, designed for men and women features eight base spherical lenses providing excellent side protection. Features: Ratcheting/Adjustable temples, Impact resistant, 99.9% UV protection, scratch resistant coating,... Read More
  • Perchloric Fume Hoods By Labscape

    The Perchloric conventional bypass fume hood’s interior is specifically built and designed for use with perchloric acid. A standard fume hood working with less corrosive materials would come with a polyresin liner material. Perchloric’s chemical properties make it necessary for this specialized... Read More
  • Personal Air Sample Pumps By SKC Inc.

    Quality, reliability, and durability are the hallmarks of SKC pumps. Available with a choice of flow ranges, features, interfaces, and accessories, SKC pumps are designed specifically for O&EHS applications. SKC also offers pumps for area sampling. All are built with quality and backed by... Read More
  • PetroCAM By Fluid Imaging Technologies

    PetroCAM® - Digital Imaging Particle Analysis for Oil in Water: Combining superior optical engineering with state-of-the-art imaging analysis software, the rugged PetroCAM® accurately analyzes the size and concentration of oil droplets and solid particles in fluids. Having the ability to... Read More
  • PFA and FEP Fluoropolymer Tubing By Savillex Corporation

    >>PFA and FEP fluoropolymer tubing is superior in mechanical properties such as tensile strength, flex life and creep resistance compared to other materials. It is the best material for compressive type fittings with companion labware. This heavy wall tubing is flexible and translucent.... Read More
  • pH Electrodes By Weiss Research, Inc.

    One electrode fits all (Lab & Field). Weiss Duro™ (two fold purpose) electrodes help you to save a lot of routine operation costs. The Duro™ electrodes are designed for routine laboratory and industrial in-line use. With a threaded adaptor (1/2”, 3/4” (M) NPT), these lab electrodes are easily... Read More
  • pH Papers By CTL Scientific Supply Corp

    Various types of pH papers and many ranges of each are offered. Read More
  • Pharmaceutical Data Loggers By MadgeTech Inc

    MadgeTech’s pharmaceutical data loggers are precision instruments designed to monitor and record the manufacturing, shipping and storage of pharmaceuticals. The product line includes both standalone and wireless models for measuring temperature, humidity and pH. The devices are easy to use,... Read More
  • PharmaTainer™ Bottles & Carboys By Biofluid Focus Inc.

    Made really clean so you don’t have to! Molded class 100 and untouched by human hands until capped. It’s better to make it clean than to clean up what’s dirty! PharmaTainer™ bioprocess containers meet today’s requirements for bio-manufacturing storage and transport. PharmaTainer products are... Read More
  • PhAT System By Kaiser Optical Systems , Inc.

    The PhAT System Raman analyzer is a variant of the RAMANRXN1™ analyzer specifically designed to address the limitations of even the best traditional Raman system for quantitative analyses of solid-state chemistries including pharmaceutical, catalysts, polymers, and specialty chemicals. The... Read More
  • Photodiode Transimpedance Amplifier By Terahertz Technologies Inc

    The PDA-750 is a low noise, high gain, transimpedance amplifier designed to provide a direct digital readout of the current generated from a photodiode photomultiplier, or other similar current source. With full scale input ranges of ± 20 nA to ± 20 mA and a noise level of less than 1 pA, the... Read More
  • Photostability Chambers By Powers Scientific, Inc.

    Photostability chambers provide high intensity lighting in the 300-700 nm range for pharmaceutical stability studies conducted at constant temperature (25°C) according to ICH guidelines. Each shelf has a bank of 10 lights that produce uniform lighting (±10%) across a large circular area on the... Read More
  • Physical Measurements By Particle Technology Labs

    The flowability characteristic of a powder is directly related to both the physical properties of the material itself, as well as the specific processing conditions in the handling system. Consequently, for such a complex system, a “single number” used to describe the flow of a powder may not... Read More
  • Physical Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services tests the physical properties of materials in order to solve difficult problems. Core capabilities of physical testing include: •Elongation • Izod impact • Melt flow rate • Tensile testing • Density •Compression •Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) Chemir offers... Read More
  • Pick Desuperheater Series DS By Pick Heaters, Inc.

    The Pick desuperheater is water spray type with single nozzle. The nozzle is positioned at the center of the desuperheater. Water is sprayed axially, in the direction of steam flow. Conical insert with thermal sleeve increases velocity to promote rapid absorption of water, while isolating... Read More
  • piD-TECH® eVx Photoionization Detector By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

    The piD-TECH® eVx family of photoionization detectors offers the latest in technology and upgrades without compromising the award winning features that make the piD-TECH line of sensors the best choice for OEM Manufacturers. Providing better value, design flexibility and lower detection limits.... Read More
  • Pipets By Interscience Laboratories Inc.

    The BagPipet® takes precise volumes from 0,1 to 1 ml, and is autoclavable. With BagPipet®, used with the sterile one-use BagTips® straws, intake any product, even very viscous product: milk, cream, yoghourt, cosmetics… The long BagTips® reaches the bottom of any bag. 1. PRECISE - Fixed volume... Read More
  • Pipette Asset Management EasyDirect By METTLER TOLEDO

    Save time, money and avoid frustration with EasyDirect Pipette Management simplified. This unique software makes pipette asset management simple: Manage an unlimited number of pipettes, track all pipettes automatically and simplify calibration management and repairs. Save Time and Simplify... Read More
  • Pipette Check and Calibration Solutions LHCD By METTLER TOLEDO

    Pipette calibration procedure thanks to METTLER TOLEDO weighing reputation combined with process oriented software results in efficient, reliable and compliant pipette calibration process according to ISO8655. Calibrate from 20 µg to 10 ml with one balance! Check pipettes on a regular basis with... Read More
  • Pipette+ By Andrew Alliance Usa, Inc.

    Pipette+ exploits connected electronic pipettes that can execute laboratory protocols designed in OneLab, reducing the bench workload by 90%. These intelligent electronic pipettes are controlled by cloud software for superior performance, ergonomics and simplicity of use, minimizing execution... Read More
  • Pipettes By Eppendorf North America

    Eppendorf offers a full range of liquid handling instruments and consumables ranging from manual pipettes to electronic pipettes, dispensers, and burettes to automated pipetting systems. The Eppendorf Research® plus and Reference® 2 pipettes are manual single, 8 and 12 channel air cushion... Read More
  • Pipettors By MIDSCI

    Manual Single Channel, Manual Multichannel, Electronic, Repeating and Stepper and Fixed Volume Pipettors Read More
  • Pipettors Single Channel By Cornerstone Scientific

    Biosciences - Pipettors Single Channel - Pipette Carousel, nUVaClean™ - ProPette LE™ Single Channel Read More
  • Planetary Mills Classic Line By FRITSCH

    FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line are most effective for rapid loss-free and reproducible ultra-fine grinding of hard, medium-hard, brittle and fibrous materials dry or in suspension, for mixing and ho-mogenising as well as for mechanical alloying/activation in materials research. Samples can... Read More
  • Planetary Mills Premium Line By FRITSCH

    Planetary Ball Mills – high-performance all-rounders in routine laboratory work! Fast, loss-free fine grinding dry, in suspension or in inert gas, for mixing and ho-mogenising of emulsions and pastes, for mechanical alloying and activation. FRITSCH Planetary Mills classic line are most... Read More
  • PlasmaCAL ICP Calibration and Verification Standards By SCP SCIENCE

    PlasmaCAL Calibration Standards are a full range of single and multi-element calibration standards for plasma spectroscopy. 70 single element standards are available from stock; all with a minimum “unopened” shelf life of up to 21 months and “opened” shelf life of 15 months. With the exception... Read More
  • PlasmaTEST Instrument Quality Control Kits By SCP SCIENCE

    PlasmaTEST products for ICP-AES and ICP-MS have been designed to provide an accurate control mechanism for monitoring ICP instrument performance. PlasmaTEST Kits provide the components and instructions to monitor important parameters such as intensity counts (ICP-AES) and oxide ion ratio... Read More
  • Plastic Casework By Labscape

    Our new generation of laminate technology is setting the industry standard and is engineered to withstand corrosive elements and extreme working conditions. Extremely flexible, durable, and affordable, our high-quality plastic laminate casework (including polypropylene and phenolic resin) offers... Read More
  • Plastic Casework By TFI & Inline Design Corporation

    Standard Polypropylene Casework We are a custom manufacturer specializing in non-metallic polypropylene casework for laboratories and other applications with corrosive environmental conditions. Our cases are designed to meet or exceed standards for corrosion and contamination issues in all types... Read More
  • Plastic Fume Hoods By TFI & Inline Design Corporation

    Counter Top (CT) Fume Hoods (10) The Countertop Polypropylene Exhausted Fume Hood is designed for use in Trace Metals and High Acid Digestion Labs where a non-ferrous environment is paramount to achieving exacting results. Exhausted Laminar Flow (ELF) Fume Hoods (8) The Laminar Flow... Read More
  • Plastic Labware By UDY Corporation

    As an experienced manufacturer of lab and field equipment, UDY Corporation has the expertise to assist you with all of your project needs, including a complete fabrication shop for designing and manufacturing plastic labware, apparatus and consumables. Contact the company to learn more about its... Read More
  • PL-E Portable Balances By METTLER TOLEDO

    Lightweight yet solidly built, with a precise load cell guaranteeing accurate results. Vibration-resistant design for high performance on temporary work surfaces and in the field. Tough and Lightweight Design: Lightweight yet solidly built, with a precise load cell guaranteeing accurate... Read More
  • Plumbing Fixtures - Just Mfg By Just Manufacturing

    Our commercial stainless steel sinks and faucets are the correct choice for your project as they are: - In-stock - 95%+ off-the-shelf fill-rate - High quality - Easy to maintain - True gauge stainless steel sinks - Sinks that offer generous capacity. Just Manufacturing’s commercial grade... Read More
  • PNC700 Pancake Load Cell By Stellar Technology

    Stellar Technology’s new Model PNC700 is a high performance, feature rich, general purpose tension/compression load cell which combines high accuracy (0.05% BFSL), high off axis performance, high fatigue life, and large industry standard loading threads with a very competitive price. The... Read More
  • PNC740 Fatigue Rated Load Cell By Stellar Technology

    Stellar Technology’s Model PNC740 is a fatigue rated load cell which delivers up to 0.03% (BFSL) accuracy over a 100 million cycle lifetime. Versatile enough to handle ranges from 250 lb to 100,000 lb and survive in temperatures from -65° to 250°F, the PNC740 is the ideal solution for aerospace... Read More
  • Polarising Box By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Polarising Box is used to view the stress points created during manufacture of clear plastic and glass products.The samples can also be extruded film. The Polarising Box has two open sides so long items can be passed through. • Polarising Filter mounted at the top for viewing • Light... Read More
  • Polyester Foam Test Tube & Microcentrifuge Tube Racks By Bio Plas Inc.

    Polyester Foam Test Tube & Microcentrifuge Tube Racks Benefits: - Flame Retardant - Color: Charcoal - Long wearing - Chemical and solvent resistant - Float on H20 bath with full tube and sample - Ideal for refrigerated or frozen storage samples - All tubes can be decanted simultaneously - Low... Read More
  • Polytech LIS By Comp Pro Med

    Comp Pro Med’s Polytech LIS is a Robust, Full-Featured and Affordable System for Any Sized Lab Comp Pro Med’s laboratory information system expedites patient record processes, interfaces seamlessly with any application or instrument, automates data collection and reporting – all with zero... Read More
  • PolyVISC® AIRBATH® Dilute Solution Polymer Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Dilute Solution Viscosity of Polymers in Organic Solvents and Aqueous Solutions to 135 °C ASTM D789, ASTM D1243, ASTM D1601, ASTM D1795, ASTM D2857, ASTM D... FEATURES & BENEFITS PolyVISC® is a fully automated, benchtop capillary viscometer with an 11 position sample handler for... Read More
  • Poremaster By Quantachrome Instruments

    The PoreMaster series consists of three automatic mercury intrusion porosimeters offering new concepts in automated pore size analysis.The PoreMaster 33 porosimeter achieves a maximum pressure of 33,000 psia for pore size measurements in the range from over 950 micron to 0.0064 micron pore... Read More
  • Porometer 3G By Quantachrome Instruments

    The POROMETERS 3G micro, 3G macro, 3Gz and 3Gzh are latest generation capillary flow porometers. Using the technique known as liquid expulsion, they measure pore size distributions and other related information of through-pores. In this technique, an increasing pressure is applied to one side of... Read More
  • Portable Cylinder Valves and Regulators By Rotarex

    Ceodeux a range of valves for laboratory and medical applications including cylinder & tank valves, line valves, filters, check & safety valves and accessories. Visit the company's website to learn more. Read More
  • Portable High-Precision Hardness Tester (SH-21) By Micro Photonics Inc

    The Handy Hardness Tester model SH-21 differs completely from traditional hardness testers. Instead of measuring the size of the indentation of the test sample using a microscope, it uses a diamond indenter equipped with a vibrating rod that presses on the test surface at a fixed load and then... Read More
  • Portable Refractometers By METTLER TOLEDO

    Quick and accurate refractive index measurements with our portable meter. The METTLER TOLEDO Portable Refractometer Line returns accurate and precise results within seconds, displayed in the measurement units needed. This handheld digital refractometer line can be used on a flat surface or can... Read More
  • Portable, Top-Loading Autoclaves By Amerex Instruments Inc

    Amerex offers 13 autoclave models to meet the sterilization needs of most biological research laboratories. They are fully automatic, stand-alone, microprocessor-controlled, programmable, self-contained systems. All models incorporate a built-in steam generator and plug into a standard 120VAC... Read More
  • PORTASPEC (R) By Cianflone Scientific LLC.

  • Positive-Displacement Pipette By METTLER TOLEDO

    Pos-D™ positive-displacement pipette for volatile liquids, liquids with high density or viscosity. Problem-free pipetting of difficult Liquids: The Pos-D is specially suited for liquids with high densities, viscosities or vapor pressures. Given the disposable capillaries and pistons, positive... Read More
  • Powder Flow Tester By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The new Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester delivers quick and easy analysis of powder flow behavior in industrial processing equipment. It is ideal for manufacturers who process powders daily and want to minimize or eliminate downtime and expense that can occur when hoppers discharge erratically... Read More
  • Powder Flow Tester IQ/OQ/PQ Certification By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The Brookfield PFT Powder Flow Tester can now be certified for IQ/OQ/PQ (Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification/Performance Qualification) through a choice of programs offered by Brookfield Engineering. Customers can choose to self-certify their PFT with a Certification Kit... Read More
  • Powder Flow Tester IQ/OQ/PQ Certification for Pharmaceutical Industry By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The PFT Powder Flow Tester can now be certified for IQ/OQ/PQ (Installation Qualification/Operation Qualification/Performance Qualification) through a choice of programs offered by Brookfield Engineering. Customers can choose to self-certify their PFT with a Certification Kit available from... Read More
  • Powder Sample Testing Powder Lab By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Brookfield Engineering has established new Powder Testing Labs in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Harlow Essex England, Lorch Germany, Guangzhou China, and Mumbai India. Brookfield developed these labs in response to increasing customer demand for rapid evaluation of powder behavior and... Read More
  • Powder Weighing Balance Enclosures By Esco Technologies Inc

    The ideal workstation to protect researchers, lab technicians and production workers during weighing, measuring, pouring, mixing and performing all the process operations that may involve dust, particulates and powders. Read More
  • Power Crimper, pneumatic vial crimper By Kebby Industries

    The Kebby Power Crimper is a pneumatic vial crimper used to crimp seals on vials and bottles. The unit is available with a variety of accessories, including a stand, and foot pedal. The unit uses interchangeable crimper and decapper heads for use with a variety of sizes and types of seals... Read More
  • Practical Courses - Fall Schedule By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    We offer two hands-on courses designed to help users comprehend the functionality of their instrument and solve the mysteries of fluid behavior while creating a successful and repeatable method. Consistency is vital in the success of any product and under-standing viscosity is a key part to... Read More
  • Precision Weights, OIML By METTLER TOLEDO

    Low magnetic permeability and high corrosion resistance ensure reliable values. All weights are made with stainless steel, no aluminum is used even in milligram weights. Individual sizes range from 1 mg up to 20 kg in OIML classes F1, F2 and M1. Calibration occurs at ISO 17025:2005 accredited... Read More
  • Premium Grade Fittings By Ark-Plas Products Inc.

    Barbs molded without parting line. 100% Virgin Materials. 100% Quality Inspection. Application Range: 125 PSI, w/o clamps. Standard, Reducing, & Enlarging. Leak resistant "Sharp Barb" design. Read More
  • PrepEngine - Accelerate Your Content Uniformity Sample Preparation By Distek, Inc.

    The PrepEngine was developed through collaborations with leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry to simplify and speed up the content uniformity sample preparation process. The result - a compact benchtop design that incorporates 10 individually powered, high-output stirring stations... Read More
  • Pressure Regulators By Rotarex

    Pressure regulators from Ceodeux include solutions for: high pressure, low pressure, point of use, flow regulators, constant flow regulators, back pressure regulators, high & ultra purity, medical, LPG and others. Read More
  • Pressure Transducers By Gems Sensors & Controls

    When your applications require exceptional pressure sensing performance and long-life reliability, look to Gems to deliver. From vacuum to 10,000 psig (-1 to 689 bar), we've got you covered with the industry's largest selection and best choice of technologies. Our capacitance type sensors are... Read More
  • PRESSURE VESSELS By Fluitron, Inc.

    Fluitron offers a wide variety of customized laboratory and pilot scale pressure vessels for use as reactors, accumulators, storage vessels, process vessels, autoclaves, isostatic pressing chambers, hydrostatic test vessels, sample cylinders, etc. Our capabilities range from basic fabricated... Read More
  • Pressurex By Sensor Products Inc.

    Pressurex® is a unique, affordable and easy to use tool that reveals the distribution and magnitude of pressure between any two contacting, mating or impacting surfaces. pressure indicating sensor film is extremely thin (4 to 8 mils) which enables it to conform to curved surfaces. It is ideal... Read More
  • PrevEx By Control Instruments Corp

    Flammability analyzers for monitoring flammable gases & vapors in process ovens, dryers and exhaust. Read More
  • PRIMUS Steam Sterilizers By Primus Sterilizer Company, LLC

    PRIMUS manufactures steam sterilizers Made in the USA. Since our inception, over 25 years, PRIMUS has met the ever changing challenges faced by the industry and our customers; incorporating environmentally green products and services. Our comprehensive portfolio of products and services ensure... Read More
  • Printers and Label Makers By Brady Corp

    Brady's industrial printers and label makers offer reliable, on-demand labeling solutions for any industry. Designed with thermal transfer printing capabilities, Brady's printers create clear, professional-looking labels, signs and tags - with the durability to withstand even the harshest... Read More
  • Prism ICP Spectrometer By Teledyne Leeman Labs

    The Prism ICP delivers performance and high sample throughput efficiency via a simultaneous array detector especially suitable for QA/QC and environmental analysis applications. Read More
  • Process Technology By Process Technology

    Lufran high purity water heaters: Proven technology for UPDI heating applications. Suitable for the most stringent high purity specifications. All PTFE and PVDF wetted parts. Patented “purged” resistive element design offers exceptional MTBF of ten years. Third party certified to SEMI and UL... Read More
  • Prodigy DC Arc Spectrometer By Teledyne Leeman Labs

    Teledyne Leeman Labs has expanded its elemental analysis product line with the introduction of a new DC Arc Spectrometer, Prodigy DC Arc. Fast trace element analyses of difficult samples are hallmarks of the DC Arc approach. Few other techniques can challenge the ease-of-use or... Read More
  • Prodigy ICP Spectrometer By Teledyne Leeman Labs

    Prodigy is our most powerful and versatile ICP spectrometer. It brings together a state of the art large format, programmable array detector (L-PAD) with an advanced high dispersion Echelle spectrometer to provide exceptional analytical performance. Read More
  • Production Systems Fluid Bed - VFC FLO-COATER® By Freund-Vector Corp

    The VFC FLO-COATER® System is uniquely engineered to meet the specific requirements for every installation. Every VFC FLO-COATER® is backed by Freund-Vector's comprehensive range of services, including product and process development, process scale-up and transfer, calibration and maintenance... Read More
  • Profile Plus ICP Spectrometer By Teledyne Leeman Labs

    Our Profile Plus ICP is an excellent step up from atomic absorption spectrometers and a highly cost effective solution for labs with moderate sample loading. Read More
  • Programmable Automation Controllers By Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

    The heart of a multi-axis automation system is the ability to synchronize the motion of multiple motors to a designated “master” source device. Depending on the machine application, a source device may be an encoder measuring web travel, position feedback from another motor that is driving a... Read More
  • Project Management / Dashboard (PMD) By LABTrack

    LABTrack knows very well that laboratory data does not belong on a corporate "island." A productive and efficient laboratory is just one component in a company-wide workflow. LABTrack's Project Management Dashboard (PMD) provides the common platform needed for all departments in your company to... Read More
  • ProPipette Advanced Workstation By ProGroup Instrument Corp.

    ProPipette Advanced Workstation The next generation of liquid handlers has arrived. The ProPipette advanced workstation is designed for accuracy, efficiency and versatility. It is a precision instrument that can be used with fixed or disposable tips as well as syringe pumps. The instrument... Read More
  • ProScan™III Motorized Microscope Stage Systems By Prior Scientific, Inc.

    Experience the ultimate advancement in microscope automation with the new compact and modular designed ProScan™III system from Prior Scientific. The ProScan™III system is capable of controlling up to 16 individual stepper motor axes including a motorized stage, focus motor, three filter wheels... Read More
  • Pulse Generators By Quantum Composers Inc.

    Quantum Composers provides innovation and value to our customers with our diverse family of Precision Pulse Generators. Our wide range of delay generators and digital pulse generators has been created to fit the needs of any budget and application. Our pulse generators provide a cost-effective... Read More
  • PVS Rheometer By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The PVS Rheometer is designed to test small complex samples. and will simulate process conditions in a benchtop environment for the testing of small sample volumes. Its coaxial cylinder geometry delivers excellent accuracy and outstanding sensitivity. Brookfield Rheovision software ensures... Read More
  • PV-Series FlowCAM By Fluid Imaging Technologies

    Developed using the same proven, patented technologies available in the FlowCAM VS-Series systems, the FlowCAM PV-Series (PV= Particle Vision) offers an economical application-specific imaging particle analysis system with a small footprint. While the VS-Series gives the ultimate flexibility and... Read More
  • Pyrostar ES-F Single Test Vial By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    Single-test vials come with pre-dispensed LAL reagent for a single measurement. This configuration is used by adding 0.2 mL of the sample directly to the reaction vial containing the lyophilized reagent. This single-test vial is designed to be used with our Toxinometer® Measurement System... Read More
  • PYROSTAR™ ES-F Series By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    The PYROSTAR™ ES-F series of reagents are endotoxin-specific and specially formulated to be unreactive to (1,3)-ß-D-glucan. In addition, these products are dual-purpose, meaning they are formulated to be used as either a gel clot or kinetic turbidimetric assay. They are available in a... Read More
  • PYROSTAR™ ES-F/Plate By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    This multi-test vial is designed to be used with the microplate reader. To use this configuration, the user dispenses 0.05 mL of the sample into the microplate followed by 0.05 mL of dissolved LAL reagent. This assay is ideal for testing a larger number of samples in one run. Key Features •... Read More