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  • Kebby Decapper Pliers By Kebby Industries

    Kebby Plier Decappers provide a quick, and inexpensive way for removing crimped seals and caps from vials and bottles. The plier decappers are available in sizes 8mm, 11mm, 13mm, 20mm, and 30mm. Stainless steel construction. Read More
  • Kebby Hand Crimper By Kebby Industries

    Kebby Hand Crimpers are used for manually crimping seals onto crimp type vials and bottles. Hand crimpers are available for use with a variety of crimp type seals ranging from 7.5mm to 32mm, including standard aluminum seals, as well as different flip type seals and others. Specials available... Read More
  • Kit for BenzoDiazepines in Serum By IRIS Technologies International, GmbH

    The ClinMass® Complete Kit allows for the routine analysis of 33 different benzodiazepines and metabolites. No manual sample preparation is required. The entire run time is 11 minutes, including sample cleanup, LC-MS/MS analysis and column regeneration Read More
  • Kit for Immunosuppressants in whole blood By IRIS Technologies International, GmbH

    The ClinMass® Complete Kit is designed for the therapeutic drug monitoring of cyclosporine A, tacrolimus, sirolimus, and everolimus. The sample preparation is based on a simple pre-treatment step, followed by a fully automated on-line sample analysis. The LC-MS/MS determination of the ananlytes... Read More
  • Kit for MethyMalonic Acid in Serum By IRIS Technologies International, GmbH

    The ClinMass COmplete Kit is designed for the determination of MethyMalonic Acid in Serum by LC-MS/MS. Read More
  • Kit for Vitamin D2/D3 By IRIS Technologies International, GmbH

    The ClinMass complete kit is designed for the simultaneous determination of 25-OH vitamin D2 and 25-OH vitamin D3 by LC-MS/MS. Read More
  • Kitchen Sinks - Just Mfg By Just Manufacturing

    Our commercial stainless steel sinks are the correct choice for your project as they are: - In-stock - 95%+ off-the-shelf fill-rate - High quality - Easy to maintain - True gauge stainless steel sinks - Sinks that offer generous capacity. Just Manufacturing’s commercial grade stainless steel... Read More
  • Kjeldahl / TKN Digestion Block Systems By SCP SCIENCE

    SCP SCIENCE’s high temperature digestion system, DigiPREP HT, incorporates several state-of-the-art design features. It integrates a versatile and powerful heating system reaching up to 450oC and a built-in reflux zone for faster digestion. The coated graphite block and Teflon exhaust manifold... Read More
  • KnowItAll Informatics System By Bio-Rad Laboratories, Informatics Division

    Bio-Rad offers over 2.3 million high-quality IR, MS, NMR, Raman, and UV-Vis spectra (including Sadtler data). Collections cover pure compounds and a broad range of commercial products. They are ideal for interpretation, identification, verification, and classification of spectra. Bio-Rad’s... Read More
  • KRD Radial Blade Blower By Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc

    KRD radial blade direct drive blower is a superbly crafted, precision balanced air-moving package that features superior performance and a compact design. The KRD is constructed with a welded 16-gauge steel housing and motor base, and a dynamically balanced cast aluminum wheel. The KRD radial... Read More
  • Kryo Bot By Kelvin International Corporation

    A portable LN2 storage and management product that can extend the range of transfer lines or expand the inventory of a liquefier in the laboratory. The Kryo Bot, once filled with 120 liters of LN2, can provide automatic filling to any target dewar, most instruments, and tools. Kryo Bots are... Read More
  • K-Sun BEE3 By K-Sun Corporation

    The K-Sun LABELShop® BEE3 3-in-1 Label Printer for Custom Labeling, Bar Code Printing and Heat Shrink Tube Identification is a portable, compact keyboard printer that creates custom adhesive-backed labels in over 60 different size and color combinations, It also prints on polyolefin heat shrink... Read More
  • K-Sun BEE3+ By K-Sun Corporation

    The K-Sun LABELShop® BEE3+ Heat-Shrink Tube and Industrial Label Printer is the professional's choice for heat-shrink tube identification and general custom labeling of wires, cables, panels, terminals, face plates, tools and equipment. The new LABELShop® BEE3+ offers the same capabilities and... Read More
  • K-Sun Green Machine By K-Sun Corporation

    The K-Sun GREEN MACHINE® is the most advanced and eco-friendly electronic label, heat-shrink tube, and bar-code printer on the market. A new high-intensity 16-character, 4-line backlighted display for easy identification in all lighting conditions. Unique, easy font size/style direct keys... Read More
  • K-Sun LABELShop 2010-PC By K-Sun Corporation

    The K-Sun LABELShop® 2010-PC label printer lets you easily design and print adhesive-backed labels wherever a professional label is needed. Connected with a USB cable, this compact printer can go anywhere your PC goes. Make labels on the job where needed. Powered by exclusive MaxiLabel® Pro Ver... Read More
  • KU-2 Digital Viscometer By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    The KU-2 Digital Viscometer for paints and coatings. Direct display of viscosity in Krebs Units, Grams and Centipoise! This instrument measures paints, coatings and related materials (inks, oils, pastes, etc.). The KU-2 is easy to use with no weights, simiplifies an established test procedure.... Read More