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  • COF Friction Tester By Testing Machines, Inc.

    Model 32-07 Slip and Friction FEATURES * Digital display, storage and editing of up to 100 readings, and selectable units (COF or grams) * Settable limits * Statistics-average, standard deviation, high/low results. * Report printout with built in printer * RS-232 * Static and... Read More
  • Commercial Water Systems By Aries FilterWorks

    Commercial and institutional systems are essential to meet the challenges found in today's industry. Flexible filtration systems built around customized filter cartridges provide infinite solutions to complex water problems. Read More
  • Cabinet Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch cabinet ovens and reach-in ovens are designed for easy loading and unloading. These ovens offer an almost unlimited amount of application possibilities to meet any of your batch processing needs. Cabinet and reach-in ovens provide an efficient footprint and are available in a wide range... Read More
  • CAD & Engineering Services By UDY Corporation

    Welcome to our CAD & engineering services department. Bring in your napkin drawing, or email a file. We use state-of-the-art 3D solid modeling software to produce a drawing of your part or assembly. During this process we can assist in the layout and construction of your part so that you can... Read More
  • CAL3K-A By DDS Calorimeters

    The CAL3K-A is the companion to the CAL3K-AP, but with external oxygen filling. This instrument was designed for harsh production environments where the automatic filling is not desired. It is faster than the CAL3K-AP, but less automated Like the CAL3K-AP, it uses a combination of the Isothermal... Read More
  • CAL3K-AP By DDS Calorimeters

    AN AUTOMATED SYSTEM WITH MINIMUM OPERATOR INPUT – Our top of the range product is the most automated calorimeter with a repeat sample speed of 7 minutes. Faster speeds are available on request. The CAL3K-AP is used in factories and scientific laboratories alike and requires a minimum of space... Read More
  • CAL3K-F By DDS Calorimeters

    CAL3K-F is a flexible system for low to high throughput without compromising on accuracy and repeatability. APPLICATION : A flexible system typically used in Food/Feed Analysis, Alternative Energy, Scientific Determinations, Coal and Oil Production, Research, Universities and Quality Assurance.... Read More
  • CAL3k-S By DDS Calorimeters

    The Cal3k-S Bomb Calorimeter is a powerful entry level system for low throughput without compromising on accuracy and repeatability. The Cal3k-S calorimeter has a compact size, low energy consumption and boasts a large list of features with an unbeatable price tag. The system can run 1-2 samples... Read More
  • Calibration Standards By DCG Partnership 1, Ltd.

    DCG Partnership 1, Ltd. is the premier manufacturer of custom blended calibration standards. All of our standards are considered Primary Reference Standards, +/-1% or less gravimetric uncertainty per component at the 99.5% confidence interval. NIST Traceable by weight with the gravimetric... Read More
  • Calibration Standards By SpectrEcology

    Calibration Standards from Spectrecology include wavelength (atomic emission lamps), absorbance and reflection standards (white diffuse and specular) for spectroscopy, radiometric calibration lamps for UV-VIS-NIR. We offer calibration lamps (Hg, Ar, Xe, Ne), NIST absorbance solutions, and... Read More
  • Calibration Toolbox ADO By Caliso Software

    Quite simply, Calibration ToolboxADO is the most powerful, user-friendly and configurable calibration management software available anywhere. Designed to run on Windows XP, Vista and above, Toolbox ADO uses state-of-the-art methods, such as ActiveX Database Object (ADO) technology to bring the... Read More
  • CalorVal By Control Instruments Corp

    Continuously measures the calorific value of gaseous streams of industrial processes. Read More
  • Cambridge Goggle By US Safety

    The Cambridge™ goggle provides splash and impact protection in a lightweight design for maximum comfort. Ultimate viewing area and maximum comfort in a lightweight design. Features: Ultimate Field of View, All-Day Comfort, Enhanced Fit, Blocks Harmful UV, AVP Anti-Fog Coating. Meets ANSI Z87.1... Read More
  • CANNON CAV®4.2 Dual Bath Automated Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    CANNON's CAV® 4.2 is a fully automated, dual-bath, benchtop viscometer with two 14-position sample handlers for unattended D445 processing. Each of the two Ubbelohde-style tubes (one per bath) covers a 100-fold viscosity range between 0.5 mm²/s (cSt) and 10,000 mm²/s (cSt) from 15 °C to 150 °C... Read More
  • CAP 2000+ Cone & Plate Viscometer By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    When it comes to viscosity testing and characterization, the numerous formulations and complex instructress of automotive paints and coatings pose a real challenge. And when choosing an instrument, there are many choices from high to low torque, single fixed to variable speed, temperature... Read More
  • Caps, Liners & Septa By Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC offers an excellent selection of Polypropylene caps and lids with a choice of lining systems to fit your container and your applications. We also offer PTFE/silicone septa and PTFE/chlorobutyl septa to fit a 24-414 open top cap, as well as EPA-compliant PTFE cap liners. Read More
  • Catalina - Protective Eyewear By US Safety

    The full wrap design of the Catalina 926 provides superb optical performance and increased protection. Attractive, sturdy, and multi-functional, the light-weight nylon frame is shaped to match the contour of the head for a custom fit that is both secure and comfortable. Polycarbonate lenses... Read More
  • Catalina - Safety Eyewear By US Safety

    The full wrap design of the Catalina 926 provides superb optical performance and increased protection. Attractive, sturdy, and multi-functional, the light-weight nylon frame is shaped to match the contour of the head for a custom fit that is both secure and comfortable. The polycarbonate lenses... Read More
  • CAV® 4.1 Single-Bath Benchtop Kinematic Viscometer By Cannon Instrument Company

    The CANNON CAV 4.1 is a fully automated, single bath, benchtop viscometer with two 14-position sample handlers for unattended D445 processing. Each of the two Ubbelohde-style tubes covers a 100-fold viscosity range at values between 0.5 mm2/s (cSt) and 10,000 mm2/s (cSt) from 40 °C to 150 °C... Read More
  • CEC MOTORIZED BC IMPELLERS By Continental Fan Manufacturing Inc

    CEC backward curved EC motorized centrifugal impeller is a superbly crafted, precision balanced air-moving device that features superior performance and compact design. It is ideally suited to applications where space is limited. The unique coupling of the motor and impeller minimizes space... Read More
  • Cell Crimper By DPM Solutions Inc.

    Two stage cell crimpers and an argon powered press provide the best combination for effective producing cells for research purposes. Read More
  • Cell Disruptor:Homogenizer By Biodirect Inc.

    Manufacturer: Glass Col Model No: 099C K54 Product ID: 5716 Condition: Sellable Cell Disruptor:Homogenizer: Glass Col: 099C K54 For high-speed operations, the direct-drive shaft is recommended. The geared shaft, on the other hand, generates high torque and lower speeds. The homogenizer... Read More
  • Cell Tracking Software By OKOLAB: Live Cell Microscopy

    It allows you to easily track cell movement in an interactive way. Cell trajectory is superimposed to the images for visual validation of the analysis. To generate statistical data of velocity, orientation, persistence length. You can export and save the images with the trajectory... Read More
  • Centrifan PE Personal Evaporator By Modular SFC, Inc.

    The Centrifan PE Personal Evaporator combines the features of a centrifuge and a blow-down evaporator. No vacuum pump is required. Its inherent simplicity means it will run for many years with no maintenance. Its size is ideal for medicinal and other synthetic chemists who need to evaporate... Read More
  • Centrifan™ AF Recirculating Evaporator with Auto-Fill By Modular SFC, Inc.

    Improve productivity over traditional rotorvap concentrators No vacuum pump required - prevents risks of sample loss or contamination; eliminates oil mess and downtime from pump accessory Increased user safety – no fragile glassware with implosion risk No inconvenient water bath Blow-down... Read More
  • Centrifan™ RE Recirculating Evaporator By Modular SFC, Inc.

    Dry Samples Faster than Vacuum or Blow Down Solutions No vacuum pump required to dry fractions faster than benchtop vacuum centrifuges or blow down concentrators.* Save energy, laboratory space, and maintenance headaches by eliminating the need for vacuum pumps Eliminate oil mess, heat,... Read More
  • Centrifuges By PRO Scientific Inc

    The Hettich Universal 320/320R centrifuge utilizes one of the widest arrays of rotor selections and affords users the ability to process now even a greater multitude of tubes, from microlitre tubes to 100mL bottles to microtitre plates in a compact benchtop setup. Utilizing its brushless... Read More
  • Centrifuges By Eppendorf North America

    Eppendorf is a manufacturer of high quality centrifuges. The portfolio consists of two kinds of centrifuges: microcentrifuges and multipurpose (or tabletop) centrifuges. Eppendorf microcentrifuges can spin most vessels from 0.2 mL to 50 mL at speeds up to 30,000 x g (17,500 rpm). Eppendorf... Read More
  • Centrifuges By MIDSCI

    Mini, Micro, Universal, High-Performance, High-Capacity and Clinical Centrifuges Read More
  • Centrifuges, Bench Top By Cornerstone Scientific

    Centrifuges, Bench Top Innovative and economical, making work flow easier. Read More
  • CFC-2c Chiral Centrifugal Fraction Collector By Modular SFC, Inc.

    Combine collection and drying into a single step Use stacked and multiple injection collection modes Eliminate carryover Increase purity and recovery Control via CFC-PC™ software Use multiple collection formats Require no hood space Connect to any SFC apparatus Eliminate... Read More
  • CFC™-2x Centrifugal Extractor By Modular SFC, Inc.

    Modular SFC’s CFC™-2x (patent pending) Centrifugal Extract Collector is a bench top accessory for new and existing SFE equipment. The CFC-2x provides researchers and engineers with the ability to separate, fractionate, and concentrate extracts without post extraction processing for supercritical... Read More
  • CFC™-3 Centrifugal Fraction Collector By Modular SFC, Inc.

    Collect more SFC fractions with HPLC-like convenience Collect up to 24 fractions at atmospheric pressure Dry fractions while collecting Use standard glass collection tubes, bottles, scintillation vials, etc. Recover greater than 95% sample Fits in fume hood, if required Connect to... Read More
  • Chart Recorders By Topac Inc.

    Strip Chart Recorders single and dual channel, 8 and 4 inch width. Measure voltages over a wide range from mV to 100V Can also be used for recording analog 4-20mA inputs. Read More
  • CHDF-3000 By MATEC Instrument Companies, Inc.

    CHDF-3000 - High Resolution Particle Size Distributions High-Resolution Analysis for True Particle Size Distribution Data Matec Applied Sciences proudly brings you the CHDF3000 with the latest advancements in High-Resolution particle size distribution (PSD) analysis. The CHDF3000 replaces... Read More
  • Check Valves By Ark-Plas Products Inc.

    Molded with "Premium Grade" technology. Barbs molded without parting Line. Free floating diaphragms. Application Range: 1 to 150 PSI. Standard, Reducing, & Enlarging. Threaded/Barbed Combination. Duckbill style for low pressure. Read More
  • Check-Temp Thermometer Calibrator By Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co.

    Fast, easy to use, and accurate! The Tel-Tru Check-Temp Calibrator allows accurate verification of thermometer accuracy at the temperature point critical to the user's actual application. Environmental Safety and Health Professionals, Quality Assurance Managers and HACCP Coordinators in food... Read More
  • Chembet Pulsar By Quantachrome Instruments

    The PULSAR combines affordibility and automation and offers compact, bench-top catalyst characterization using automated flow methods of analysis. The PULSAR represents the very best value in catalyst characterization using automated flow methods of analysis, including pulse titration. Fully... Read More
  • Chemical Analysis and Testing By EAG Laboratories

    Companies seek chemical analysis for a wide variety of reasons. Many require routine chemical tests for quality control or quality assurance purposes. Unlike other labs, Chemir’s chemical testing services are customized according to each individual project’s needs. We analyze chemical products... Read More
  • Chemical Synthesis Reactors - EasyMax By METTLER TOLEDO

    Demand for innovative chemistry has resulted in the adoption of robust, easy to use synthesis workstations to increase quality, reduce costs, and increase speed of research and development. By replacing traditional round bottom flasks and jacketed lab reactors with EasyMax, scientists can... Read More
  • Chemically-Resistant Pass-Throughs By EnviroPass® by G2 Automated Technologies

    Designed specifically for facilities or applications involving acids or other acidic applications or environments. Constructed of chemically-resistant polypropylene, it is sure to be a sound solution to your chemical resistant needs. Read More
  • Chemistry Titles By John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    Analytical Chemistry Batteries & Fuel Cells Biochemistry Catalysis Chemical & Environmental Health and Safety Chemical Engineering Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling Electrochemistry Environmental Chemistry Food Science & Technology General Chemistry History of... Read More
  • Chlorine Detectors By PureAire Monitoring Systems

    The Air check Lite is Smart Gas Monitor a low cost compact gas monitoring system that’s ideal for continuously monitoring gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and process tool gas cabinets. Designed for Original Equipment manufacturers, (OEM) and larger installations, it features a sophisticated... Read More
  • Chromotography Vials By Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC's Quality Assured Chromatography offers a broad selection of vials, closures and septa for an almost infinite number of possible combinations. • Clear or amber borosilicate glass • Plain or with calibration marks & write-on patch • Screw-cap, snap-cap, and crimp closures available in a... Read More
  • CHRONOS By Integrated Engineering Software

    Modeling and simulation of many RF applications and antennas present a challenge in terms of speed, required memory, and accuracy. INTEGRATED Engineering Software introduces CHRONOS, INTEGRATED’s new time domain solver for modeling and simulating 3D RF and microwave applications. The move... Read More
  • Circulation Attritors By Union Process Inc.

    For large scale production in various inks and coatings as well as many other chemicals, Union Process Inc's line of circulation Attritors can handle robust work loads. Read More
  • Circulation Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow's circulation heaters are compact heating systems for fluids and gases. These heaters are ideal for applications such as purified and inert gases, supercritical fluids and liquids like de-ionized water for use in semiconductor and electronics industries as well as for general liquid and... Read More
  • CL-70F CRI Illuminance Meter By Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

    The CL-70F CRI Illuminance Meter is an entry-level solution for the measurement and evaluation of the illuminance, color temperature, and color rendering index (CRI) of various illumination sources such as LEDs and fluorescent lamps. It is most commonly used in restaurants, museums, studios, and... Read More
  • Classroom Sinks - Just Mfg. By Just Manufacturing

    Our durable quality stainless steel academic and classroom and art sinks are available for your school or institutional project. Most models are available for same day shipping. Model options include: - Six (6) ledge type variation configurations - Wall-hung stainless steel sink models -... Read More
  • Clean Room Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch offers a variety of clean room ovens that are designed to meet the strict requirements of clean process applications. The ovens that Despatch offers are available in many different sizes and configurations to meet specific temperature and cycle requirements. All clean process ovens have... Read More
  • Clean Sample Prep - Vials By Savillex Corporation

    >>For 40 years, Savillex PFA vials have been the best choice for demanding trace metal applications, and are used in laboratories worldwide for sample preparation and storage. The flat bottom and high service temperature range makes them ideal for use directly on a hot plate. Molded from high... Read More
  • Cleanroom Equipment By Esco Technologies Inc

    Pharmaceutical dispensing, sampling and charging operations are now safer and more efficient with the Esco range of Pharmacon™ Downflow Booths. Harnessing Esco's experience of close to 30 years in clean air and containment equipment design for the pharmaceutical industry, these booths offer... Read More
  • Cleanroom Systems By Cleanroom Systems, Inc.

    Company Description: Cleanroom Systems is a division of Air Innovations. The company, established in 1986, designs and builds specialty air conditioning, refrigeration and environmental control solutions for end users and original equipment manufacturers around the world. The company’s... Read More
  • Cleanrooms By PortaFab Corporation

    PortaFab designs and manufactures modular cleanrooms and cleanroom building components that service the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical, micro-electronics, and biotech industries as well as a general applications that range from food processing to paint finishing. Read More
  • Clear Fused Quartz Ground & Polished Discs By Technical Glass Products, Inc.

    Clear Fused Quartz Ground & Polished Discs All polished plates and discs are manufactured from G.E. 124 Fused Quartz. Other material available upon request. Custom sizes are available upon Request Read More
  • Clear Fused Quartz Ground & Polished Plates By Technical Glass Products, Inc.

    Ground & Polished Plates All polished plates and discs are manufactured from G.E. 124 Fused Quartz. Other material available upon request. Custom sizes are also available upon request. Read More
  • Clear Fused Quartz Lab-ware By Technical Glass Products, Inc.

    Clear Fused Quartz Lab-ware. Technical Glass Products, Inc., was founded in 1990 as a fabricator of Fused Quartz Glassware. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in TGP becoming America’s fastest growing supplier of stock shapes and fabricated products in the industry. Read More
  • Clear Fused Quartz Microscope Slides By Technical Glass Products, Inc.

    Microscope Slides All polished plates and discs are manufactured from G.E. 124 Fused Quartz. Other material available upon request. Custom sizes available upon request. Read More
  • Clear Fused Quartz Rods By Technical Glass Products, Inc.

    Fused Quartz Rods The standard length for this product is 4 ft. Custom lengths are available. PLEASE NOTE: Quartz Rod 26mm diameter and larger is subject to minimum order quantities. Please call 440.639.6399 for pricing and availability for sizes 26mm and larger. Read More
  • Clear Fused Quartz Tubing By Technical Glass Products, Inc.

    Clear Fused Quartz Tubing is available in a variety of sizes. Ranging from 1mm ID to 300mm ID Technical Glass Products, Inc. was founded in 1990 as a fabricator of Fused Quartz Glassware and offers fused quartz tubing in a variety of sizes. We excel in technical product assistance of all types... Read More
  • Clinical Products By CoolLED Ltd.

    Clinical Screening using fluorescence microscopy is popular in many laboratories such as Pathology, Histopathology, Microbiology, Immunology, Cytology, Histology, Virology, Molecular Biology and Haematology. Typical tests are for fungal mycelium, Anti-nuclear Antibodies (ANCA), Trichomonas... Read More
  • Clippard NIV Series PTFE Media Isolation Valves By Clippard

    The Clippard NIV Series Media Isolation Valve is a solenoid-operated device that uses a flexible diaphragm to isolate the actuation mechanism from the fluid path. Media isolation valves are commonly used for a wide variety of applications, including those that require precise, repeatable... Read More
  • Closure Torque Testers By Mecmesin Corporation

    Closure Torque Testing is a measure of the torque force required to either apply or remove a cap or lid on a container. This is frequently a two stage measurement. If the cap is tamper- evident: slip torque and bridge torque is measured. If the closure is child-resistant, a concurrent measure of... Read More
  • CO2 Microscope CAGE Incubator By OKOLAB: Live Cell Microscopy

    The CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator is designed to maintain all the required environmental conditions for cell culture all around your microscopy workstation, thus enabling to carry out prolonged observations on biological specimens and allowing at the same time enough space for other equipment.... Read More
  • CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator - Electric By OKOLAB: Live Cell Microscopy

    The Electric CO2 Top Stage Incubatir is the latest release in the family of our Microscope Stage Incubators. It represents a one-button solution for long term experiments, launched at an incredibly convenient price. The same model fits all the XY stages on the market, and it is suitable at the... Read More
  • CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator - Water-Jacket By OKOLAB: Live Cell Microscopy

    The CO2 Water-Jacket Microscope Stage Incubator provides superior incubation stability. Water is pumped from a water bath into the base plate and into the lid, which are both Water Jackets. Modelsl fitting all XY stages on the market are available. Chambers suitable for high magnification... Read More
  • Coefficient of Friction Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    IDM’s Coefficient of Friction Testers have proven to be a fast, reliable and accurate method of determining coefficient of friction. Our range of COF Testers are used to determine the static and kinetic friction of plastic film, sheeting, paper and other sheeted material coatings. Their... Read More
  • Coefficient of Friction Tester - Incline Plane By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This instrument is used to determine the coefficient of static friction of most packaging materials by measuring the angle at which one test surface begins to slide against another inclined surface as the incline is increased at a constant and prescribed rate. As the plane rises at a rate of... Read More
  • Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion Tester By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    This instrument is used for determining the linear change of a refractory caused by a change in temperature and to ascertain the reversibility of these characteristics. It may also be used to determine the expansion and contraction characteristics of raw materials and refractories that do not... Read More

    Isostatic presses are available for powder metallurgy and other applications in a variety of sizes and pressure ratings. Systems feature the compaction chamber, pressurizing pump, fluid reservoir, piping and a convenient steel console. Fluitron has the ability to provide any level of control to... Read More

    Complete Series of laser reflectometers for color analysis in food and beverage products, aggregates, and more. Portable brief case unit, bench top unit, and inline real time laser analyzers, utilize 785 nanometer energy waves, to provide unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. Read More
  • Colour Check Cabinets By IDM Instruments® Pty Ltd

    The Colour Check Cabinet was produced to answer visual colour matching needs. Used for assessing colour changes under different light sources, to determine suitability of materials for industrial applications where there is the need to maintain colour consistency and quality. Fluorescent... Read More
  • Columns for Separation by Molecular Size By Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc

    Our stationary phases designed for Interaction Free GPC/SEC come in stainless steel columns of standard dimensions that fit any HPLC or LC (GPC, SEC, GFC) instrument. Our stationary phases designed for Interaction Free GPC/SEC come in stainless steel columns of standard dimensions that fit any... Read More
  • Commercial Grade Fittings By Ark-Plas Products Inc.

    Up to 1/2" Barb Size. Up to 1/2-14 Thread Size. Pressure Range: 125 PSI, w/o clamps. Can be color coded. Read More
  • Comparator XPE155KSC By METTLER TOLEDO

    Top measurement performance and full traceability of weighing results, increased efficiency, data security and compliance using MC Link, the mass calibration workflow software designed for experts and novices alike. Error-free operation through user-guidance on the color touchscreen supports a... Read More
  • Comparator XPE505C By METTLER TOLEDO

    METTLER TOLEDO manual mass comparators with 520 g capacity and 0.01 mg readability guarantee top measurement performance and full traceability of weighing results. Minimized weighing errors thanks to the user-guidance on the color touchscreen and automated draft shield doors support a smooth... Read More
  • Comparator XPR2004SC By METTLER TOLEDO

    Error-free operation through user-guidance on the color touchscreen and automated draft shield doors support a smooth and hands-free process. The integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces make it easy and reliable to transfer data to peripheral devices or a network. Specifications - Comparator... Read More
  • Comparator XPR26003LC By METTLER TOLEDO

    The innovative LevelMatic weighing pan eliminates corner load error, which increases the accuracy of your weighing results. The MC Link software automatically stores all weight calibration data in a secure database. Calibration certificates can be issued with a single click. The integrated USB... Read More
  • Comparator XPR32003LD5C By METTLER TOLEDO

    The innovative LevelMatic weighing pan eliminates corner load error, which increases the accuracy of your weighing results. The MC Link software automatically stores all weight calibration data in a secure database. Calibration certificates can be issued with a single click. The integrated USB... Read More
  • Comparator XPR6U By METTLER TOLEDO

    METTLER TOLEDO manual mass comparators guarantee top measurement performance and full traceability of weighing results. Increase efficiency, data security and compliance using MC Link , the mass calibration workflow software designed for experts and novices alike. Error-free operation through... Read More
  • Computer Modeling & Analysis By Lagus Applied Technology Inc

    LAT personnel have developed sophisticated, proprietary computer programs for mathematical modeling of: Analysis of air movement and contaminant migration in large, complex, multizone buildings, and 3D microscopic prediction and analysis of air movement, temperature variations and contaminant... Read More
  • Computer-controlled RGB LED Illuminator for Upright Microscopes By TOFRA, Inc.

    The RGB LED Light Source provides bright and uniform microscope illumination. Independent and accurate control of red, green and blue LEDs creates any desired color and intensity. Color images can be produced from monochrome cameras giving full non-interpolated color at every pixel. The light... Read More
  • Conductivity Data Logger By Topac Inc.

    Multi Channel Conductivity and electro chemistry data logger up to 28 channels per rack - daisy chain up to 448 channels. Measure pH mV Dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature Read More

    The original Bostwick Consistometer is the preferred choice for measuring consistency, flow rate and viscosity in a variety of products. Use the Bostwick Consistometer on any viscous material such as sauces, salad dressings, paints, chemicals or cosmetics to measure the distance a material... Read More
  • Consulting By Particle Technology Labs

    •Consulting (Hourly Rate) •Lab Visit with Sample Analysis (Cost of Analysis + Hourly Rate for Consultant) •Presentations •Training Read More
  • Consulting By EAG Laboratories

    Whether it is at your facility, here in our laboratories, part of a conference call, or by written report, Chemir's staff is available for consultation on a variety of projects. Our independent consultants bring new perspectives and experiences valuable for problem-solving and product... Read More
  • Consumables By Eppendorf North America

    Eppendorf quality is a step above the rest! Worried about what could be leaching out of your plastic consumables that can affect your sample and assay results? All Eppendorf consumables are manufactured without the use of slip agents, plasticizers, or biocides – all substances which are known to... Read More
  • Contaminant Identification & Testing By EAG Laboratories

    When an unknown material is found in a product, manufacturers need to know the source of contamination. Contaminant testing projects involve the determination of components at low concentrations (e.g. ppm levels). A strategic technical approach is required to identify the unknown contaminant... Read More
  • Contract testing Laboratory By Polymer Standards Service-USA Inc

    At PSS analytical services division we address each sample with the highest of priority in adherence to our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification and standard methodologies. PSS provides polymer characterization in a variety of solvents (THF, Toluene, DMF, DMAC, NMP, TCM, HFIP, TFE , Water, DMSO and... Read More
  • Control Systems By Freund-Vector Corp

    Freund-Vector Corporation provides a full range of control systems for the operation of Freund-Vector equipment. Our control systems are designed to meet the precise hardware and software requirements of the customer using disciplined and documented procedures. The control design is based on... Read More
  • Controlcat New Horizons in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and much more! By Omega Engineering, Inc.

    DILBERT™ CONTROLCAT NEW HORIZONS® in Temperature, Pressure, Flow and More! Version No. 28 Contains over 150 full color pages of state-of-the art products separated into 7 sections: Automation, Sanitary, Temperature, Electric Heaters, Wireless/Data Acquisition, Pressure/Strain/Force, and... Read More
  • Controller Connectivity By Industrial Indexing Systems Inc.

    At Industrial Indexing Systems we provide integration and control connectivity to your automation network. From the Human Machine Interface (HMI) to the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) we leverage the strength of an ethernet based communications system to control all automation... Read More
  • Cordis Electronic Pressure Controls By Clippard

    The Clippard Cordis is a revolutionary microcontroller primed for escape velocity from a proportional control market. Built with the highest quality Clippard EVP and DVP proportional valves at its heart, the Cordis is designed to outperform the competition in every way. With unparalleled... Read More
  • COSA 707 Emissions Analyzer By COSA Xentaur - a Process Insights Brand

    The COSA 707 is an easy to hold, hand-held emissions analyzers capable of measuring up to seven different gases. The emissions analyzer can be equipped with up to 6 electrochemical sensors and a CO2 IR-bench for simultaneous measurements. Cells can be installed for making measurements of... Read More
  • Couplings and fittings By CPC (Colder Products Company)

    Colder's wide range of quick disconnect couplings and fittings help you make cleaner, faster, safer, and smarter medical connections. Colder Products offers both standard and custom-engineered solutions for a wide variety of critical fluid and air handling medical applications, including... Read More
  • Crush tester By Testing Machines, Inc.

    MODEL 17-76 CRUSH TESTER FEATURES • Load Capacity 1000 LB (4448 N) • Platen size 7 x 7 in (178 x 178 mm) • Test speed 0.2- 20 in/min (5.08-508 mm/min) • Return speed 4 in/min (± 101 mm/min) • Color LCD Display • Menu-driven software • Test results and statistics are displayed on a... Read More
  • CS-2000 Spectroradiometer By Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

    The CS-2000 can measure contrasts of 100,000:1 and features the world's top level capability to detect extremely low luminance levels of 0.003 cd/m2. The optical design and signal processing technologies of this instrument also provide accurate measurements of low to extremely low luminance and... Read More
  • CSC Digital moisture Balance By CSC Scientific Company, Inc

    CSC Digital Moisture Balance has capability to measure moisture between 0% and 100%. It can be used in almost any environment -- R&D Laboratory or production floor Read More
  • CSC Meinzer II Sieve Shaker By CSC Scientific Company, Inc

    Makes Sieving Fast, Easy and Affordable! The new Meinzer II sieve shaker creates a unique vibratory motion by employing a horizontal and vertical sieving action. This motion will bounce and turn your sample, ensuring exposure to the maximum amount of apertures in a minimum amount of time. It... Read More
  • CSZ Vibration Testing By Cincinnati Sub-Zero

    Our Test Laboratory offers a variety of shock and vibration testing services for testing a wide range of products across many industries. Automotive components are tested to simulate the effect of road conditions. Other products may be exposed to vibration during transportation until they reach... Read More
  • CT-1000 Extended Range Constant Temperature Bath By Cannon Instrument Company

    For Kinematic Viscosity from 20 °C to 150 °C ASTM D445/D446, ISO 3104/3105 Common Applications Formulated oil analysis Hydraulic oil analysis Additive analysis Marine fuel testing Base stock analysis Light and heavy fuel testing Waxes/paraffin Crude oil testing Glycols CT-1000 series constant... Read More
  • CT3 Texture Analyzer with compression and tension mode By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Brookfield Engineering’s CT3 Texture Analyzer is the most powerful, lowest cost, stand-along Texture Analyzer ever produced. This instrument features the traditional Compression Mode and Tension Mode. The CT3 Texture Analyzer Test food and non- food products such as: (biscuits, bread, butter,... Read More
  • Custom Air Filters Laboratory Equipment By Factory Direct Filters

    Need A Custom Size Filter? Create the Perfect Fit for Your AC or Furnace Read More
  • Custom Designed Industrial Ovens By Thermcraft, Inc.

    Standard and custom designed ovens are available in either batch or continuous types. Sizes range from bench top to industrial truck ovens in single or double door styles. Ovens may be either electric or gas fired. Read More
  • Custom EnviroPass® Consoles By EnviroPass® by G2 Automated Technologies

    Every customer, facility, location, and job site has unique requirements for their installation. Walk through doors, ceiling height, extra wide, slanted top, special HEPA filtration, fan filter units (FFU), touch-free access, or ability to pass-through a push cart are only a few custom requests... Read More
  • Custom Inductors By Gowanda Electronics (Affiliate of Gowanda Components Group)

    Gowanda has been designing and manufacturing high performance inductors for RF and Power applications for decades and our experience with custom RF inductors and custom Power inductors is extensive. Our fully-equipped in-house Environmental Lab offers the testing needed to validate inductor... Read More
  • Custom Labware By UDY Corporation

    As an experienced manufacturer of lab and field equipment, UDY Corporation has the expertise to assist you with all of your project needs, including a complete fabrication shop for custom labware design and manufacturing. Read More
  • Custom Machined Specialized Equipment: Small Parts By DPM Solutions Inc.

    We can produce a large variety of small containers from vials to button cell hardware from a wide range of materials. Pieces in the past have included Teflon, Delrin, polypropylene, aluminium, copper, brass, stainless steel, boron nitride and others. Quantities from one to several hundred. Read More
  • Custom Plastic Tanks By TFI & Inline Design Corporation

    Tfi/inline design has been manufacturing custom plastic tanks for chemical related industries for the past 30 years. Chemical storage Water treatment and waste treatment facilities Micro electronics Chemical treatment Plating systems Chemical etching Chemical cleaning Potable water... Read More
  • Custom Synthesis Services By EAG Laboratories

    Chemir Analytical Services offers custom synthesis services to support contract research and development for many different industries. Our team provides organic synthesis of compounds at the milligram to kilogram scale. We can handle difficult chemical synthesis projects that require fast... Read More
  • Customized Prescription and Reading Lenses By Prescription Spectacle Inserts International, LLC

    Prescription and reading lenses for the Smoke Spec and Scuba Spec inserts can be purchased through this website at significant cost savings compared to your local optician or optometrist. Available powers for reading lenses (magnifiers) are +1.0 through +3.5 in 0.25 power increments. -... Read More
  • Custom-Preserved™ Containers By Quality Environmental Containers

    QEC's Custom-Preserved™ offers sample preserving solutions that are truly customized for each client, with options that allow us to provide you with a tailor-made preserving system that is the most convenient, most time-saving for your needs: YOUR CHOICE of common and not-so-common... Read More
  • Cutting Mills By FRITSCH

    Ideal for size reduction of soft to medium-hard, tough-elastic and fibrous materials as well as for heterogeneous mixtures. They are indispensable in the areas of environment, plastics, agriculture, forestry, construction materials, textiles, chemistry and foodstuffs as well as for analytic and... Read More

    • Compact Design Benchtop space is optimized thanks to the compact design of CuveT’s control and thermostat unit. The single cell cuvette thermostat unit is simply placed on top of the UV/VIS Excellence instruments; no tools are required for installation. • High temperature accuracy CuveT... Read More
  • CuvetteChanger By METTLER TOLEDO

    • Increased Productivity CuvetteChanger automatically moves up to eight cuvettes into position for measurements, optimizing the workflow and increasing sample throughput. • Thermostable The variation in temperature does not degrade the CuvetteChanger unit over time due to the robust design. •... Read More
  • Cuvettes - All Styles By SpectrEcology

    Quartz cuvettes from Spectrecology are available in 2,100 styles to choose from! Absorbance, Fluorescence, macro, semi micro, sub micro, flow cells, stirred cells, water jacketed cells and many pathlengths. Quartz cuvettes are good from 170nm to 2700nm. IR quartz go to 3200nm. We also make... Read More
  • Cypher AFM By Asylum Research

    The Cypher™ Atomic Force Microscope The World’s Fastest AND Highest Resolution AFM Asylum’s Cypher Atomic Force Microscope is the industry’s first new small sample AFM in over a decade, setting new standards for speed, resolution, stability, control, and modularity. Cypher provides... Read More