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  • Bacti Cell Spreaders By Bio Plas Inc.

    The Bio Plas® Bacti Cell Spreaders are unique products designed to greatly simplify and speed up bacterial culture work. There are two sizes: 30mm and60mm wide, which allow these polypropylene Bacti Cell Spreaders to make it very easy to evenly distribute bacterial cells rapidly over an entire... Read More
  • BACTRON300, 16.0 Cu.Ft. (453 L) Anaerobic Chamber, 300 Plate Capacity By Sheldon Manufacturing , Inc.

    An economical anaerobic environment system with air lock, a 16.0 cu.ft. workspace and a 300 plate capacity incubator allow the BACTRON300 to deliver optimum productivity in a compact space. The operator has total command of the work area, yet enjoys ample bench space for efficient performance of... Read More
  • Bag Filters Laboratory Equipment By Factory Direct Filters

    This Synthetic Pocket filter is constructed with a moisture resistant, ultrasonically welded media. The synthetic media consists of strategically layered and blended melt-blown polypropylene fibers fastened to a non-shed, high density polypropylene backing. This design creates a dual-stage... Read More
  • Balances By Cornerstone Scientific

    Instrumentation - Balances Read More
  • Band and Nozzle Heaters By Watlow

    Watlow's line of band/barrel heaters are available for fast delivery and can be easily installed into original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and end user applications. This variety of heaters allows the user to specify the construction needed to result in the best heat solution. Read More
  • Batch Wet/Dry Grinding Attritors By Union Process Inc.

    Productions scale Batch Attritor mills for wet or dry grinding/milling processes. Systems can be made explosion-proof and/or metal-free. Read More
  • Baths By MIDSCI

    Water, Bead, Belly and Dry Baths Read More
  • BB-500GE / BM-500GE By JAI, Inc.

    The BB-500GE (Bayer color) and the BM-500GE (monochrome) are 5-megapixel video cameras featuring the Sony ICX625 CCD. This 2/3" sensor has small 3.45-micron square pixels making it ideal for high magnification microscopy applications. The cameras capture 15 frames per second at a full resolution... Read More
  • Beacon 800 Controller By RKI Instruments Inc.

    The Beacon™ 800 is a simplified, versatile, low cost fixed system controller for one to eight points of gas monitoring. It is microprocessor controlled and is capable of accepting up to 8 separate 4-20 mA sensor transmitters, which can be either 2 or 3 wire. The Beacon™ 800 can be powered by... Read More
  • Beads By BioSpec Products

    Glass, zirconia and steel beads used to grinding of small samples in a bead mill. Often used to extract nucleic acids and proteins from microbial and small tissue samples. Read More
  • Belly Button By IBI Scientific

    Belly Button is a compact version of the Belly Dancer for gel and blotting, retroviral infection cell culture and mixing small tubes-great versatile shaker - can be used in an incubator. Read More
  • Belly Dancer By IBI Scientific

    Belly Dancer has a unique, patented, undulating motion designed to provide optimal movement for multiple stainings and washings involved in gel and blotting techniques as well as many other lab applications. Read More
  • BenchMix Laboratory Mixers & Pilot Plant Units By Admix Inc.

    The BenchMix series of laboratory mixers is designed for product development, simulation, and scale up ranging from 1 liter benchtop units to 20 gallon pilot plant floor models to small batch production over 1,000 gallons. All models are completely manufactured or enclosed in stainless steel for... Read More
  • BenchSmart™ 96 Semi-Automated Pipetting System By METTLER TOLEDO

    BenchSmart is a semi-automated 96/384-well pipetting system with three interchangeable pipetting heads, giving it a range of 0.5 μL to 1000 μL. The touchscreen display controls aspiration, dispense, tip loading and ejection. Pipetting modes include basic, advanced, dilute, multi-dispense,... Read More
  • Bench-top Fume Hood for Digestion Systems By SCP SCIENCE

    To eliminate trace metal contamination from lab environments or corroding fume hoods, the DigiPREP Fume Hood is the right choice for trace metal digestions. Ambient air is drawn through HEPA filter ports (2) offering clean and even air circulation. The hood is exhausted from the top port which... Read More
  • Benchtop Materials Testing Machine By Tinius Olsen

    Benchtop materials testing equipment for tensile, flexural, compressive, shear, tear and peel strength testing. Frame capacities at 5kN, 10kN, 25kN, 50kN and 75kN. Read More
  • Benchtop Ovens and Lab Ovens By Despatch Industries

    Despatch bechtop ovens and lab ovens are small in size but big in features. Benchtop ovens and lab ovens offer a small footprint where space is limited and processes that deal with small batch loads. Read More
  • Bench-top vial crimper By Kebby Industries

    The Kebby bench top vial crimper is used to crimp aluminum crimp seals on vials and bottles. The unit uses interchangeable crimping and de-crimping heads for use with crimp seals in a variety of sizes and types ranging from 7.5mm to 43mm. Six different models available. Read More
  • BG408 Anti-Vibration Air Glove By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    NEW!!! IMPACTO® AntiVibration Mechanic's style AirGlove® Full finger style provides maximum hand protection. Helps prevent Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVS) and White Finger Disease . Utilizes patented Air Glove® technology in the palm, fingers and thumb. Meets anti-vibration glove standard... Read More
  • Bio Plas Micro Tube Tool By Bio Plas Inc.

    The handy polypropylene Micro Tube Tool opens Snap-Cap and Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes easily, prevents fatigue, and saves wear on your fingers and thumbs! The innovative Micro Tube Tool makes it a breeze to open tight-fitting Snap Caps and it lets you remove Screw Caps while tubes are... Read More
  • Bio Plas Pestles By Bio Plas Inc.

    Bio Plas Disposable Polypropylene Pestles may be used to homogenize cells or re-­suspend precipitates such as protein or DNA pellets in buffer solutions. All the packaging options contain products free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogens. These pestles and tubes are precision... Read More
  • BioClean® Series By FUJIFILM Wako Chemicals USA Corporation

    BioClean Series pipette tips and microplates are endotoxin-free. These micropipette tips and microplates are individually wrapped to reduce the chance of contamination and are for all types of LAL testing. BioCleanTip Wako® are available in both 200 µL and 1000 µL volumes, with the 200 µL... Read More
  • BioImaging Systems By UVP, LLC

    BioImaging Systems for proteomics, genomics, plant and animal research. Systems range from PhotoDoc-It System for basic gel imaging shoot and print capabilities, to the BioSpectrum for advanced image capture and analysis of multiple imaging applications including chemiluminesence, fluorescence,... Read More
  • Biological Safety Cabinets By Esco Technologies Inc

    Esco is a world leader in biological safety cabinets, offering the industry's widest product range, with thousands of installations in leading laboratories in more than 100 countries around the globe. Esco's biological safety cabinets have earned more independent certifications, in more... Read More
  • Biological Safety Cabinets Class II Type A2 By Mehrotra Biotech Pvt Ltd

    A Biosafety Cabinet Class 2 Type A2 or microbiological safety cabinet is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace for safely working with materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens requiring a defined biosafety level. Several types of BSC exist, differentiated... Read More
  • BIOMIC V3 clinical microbiology system By Giles Scientific Inc.

    BIOMIC V3 color digital imaging technology automates reading and interpretation of antibiotic susceptibility tests for bacteria and yeast following CLSI, EUCAST and BSAC guidelines. BIOMIC V3 also reads and interprets commercial identification panels including API®, RapID™, Crystal™ and performs... Read More
  • BioProcessing Fittings By Nordson MEDICAL

    SF Series, Sanitary Fittings, offers more choices for Single-Use applications Now Biopharmaceutical companies have additional choices for their Single-Use needs. The SF Series, sanitary fitting line, is the latest product addition from Value Plastics, is the perfect solution for biopharm... Read More

    Culturing of adherent cells/tissues in a sterile natural 3-D environment continuously for over 12 months allows for impressive cell densities exceeding 10^10 all in a compact laboratory tabletop apparatus. This massive concentration of cells (up to 10,000x more than conventional systems) in the... Read More
  • BIOSTAT® B By Sartorius Corporation

    BIOSTAT® B is a fermenter | bioreactor that has been developed specifically for the variety of requirements in biotechnological and biopharmaceutical research and development. BIOSTAT® B enables you to control your stirred-tank glass or single-use vessels and rocking-motion vessels. BIOSTAT® B... Read More
  • BiSlide Dovetail Slide By VELMEX, Inc.

    The Velmex BiSlide positioning stage's modular design makes it highly configurable for a multitude of motion-control applications. The systems can be used to position, align, measure, test, fixture and machine, to name a few uses. Exceedingly accurate, multi-axis systems can be quickly and... Read More
  • BLACKMAXX New Vibration Glove By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    These economical nylon/cotton knitted vibration damping gloves are coated with "pods" of lightweight cellular Chloroprene. The combination makes for extremely comfortable vibration reducing gloves that use encapsulated air to cushion and dampen vibration, giving the user good dexterity, a... Read More
  • Blood Pressure Fittings and Blood Pressure Connectors By Nordson MEDICAL

    Nordson Medical offers a complete line of acetal and nylon fittings and connectors for use with non-invasive blood pressure monitoring equipment. Blood pressure cuff connectors and monitor cable adapters for the bayonet (push to connect) and Dinamap® (threaded) standards are available to fit... Read More
  • Blue Mountain RAM By Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc.

    Asset Management Software Designed Specifically for Good Manufacturing Practices Blue Mountain RAM’s integrated functionality was designed from the start for achieving both GMP asset compliance and increased productivity. In Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies multiple layers... Read More
  • Bostwick Consistometer By CSC Scientific Company, Inc

    Recommended for Quality Assurance. Checks Laboratory or Production Samples Against Consistency, Viscosity or Flow Rate Standards. Uses include food processing, paint manufacturing, cosmetics formulations and chemical production. Read More
  • Bottom Drive High Shear Granulator/Mixing Systems - GMXB Granumeist By Freund-Vector Corp

    The GMXB GRANUMEIST® High Shear Granulator and Mixer is designed for efficient and homogenous wet granulation of powders to form a medium to high density granule. Its GMP-compliant design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, faster processing times, and total user safety. Every GMXB... Read More
  • Bouffants By Blue Thunder Technologies Inc

    Bouffants keep hair out of your eyes and away from samples. Ideal for food-processing and general-purpose work. Comes in polypropylene and TyvekTM Bouffants are available in a variety of sizes and colors, including white, black, green, red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, navy, and custom logo. Read More
  • Box Furnaces By Thermcraft, Inc.

    Thermcraft box furnaces are available in a wide variety of configurations and temperature ranges. The box furnace is ruggedly simple and conservative in design, which makes this type of furnace very versatile and trouble-free. These units are built with a heavy gage steel shell and low watt... Read More
  • Bradley - Protective Goggle By US Safety

    The Bradley™ series provides serious defense against impact and splash hazards, with all-day comfort and styling for maximum protection. Maximum Protection, versatile fit and all-day comfort, even in the worst conditions. Features: Low Profile Design, Lightweight, Ultra-wide elastic headband,... Read More
  • Brookfield Service Center Calibration & Certification By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Brookfield Engineering recommends that you return your instrument to Brookfield or an authorized dealer on an annual basis for our Calibration and Certification Service. Please call for a Return Authorization Number. Special Arrangements Loan instruments are available should you need a... Read More
  • Brookfield Viscosity Standards Now Come With Expiration Date By Brookfield AMETEK Inc

    Best industry practice recommends that calibration materials be replaced on a scheduled basis. In response to customer input, Brookfield has now added an expiration date to their silicone viscosity standards used to perform calibration checks on viscometers and rheometers. This new information... Read More
  • BTS256 Handheld LED Measurement Tester For Complete LED & Light Source Color, Light Intensity & Ligh By Gigahertz-Optik

    Easily Measure Narrow Beam Emitting Light Sources & Light Guides Gigahertz-Optik's BTS256-LED Tester is designed to measure the luminous flux, color and spectral characteristics of individual pc board mounted LEDs, discrete LEDs within a module, miniature lamps, endoscopes and any narrow beam... Read More
  • BTS256-E Light-Color-Spectral Meter By Gigahertz-Optik

    An Innovative New Lightmeter Designed Specifically For Solid State Lighting (SSL), CFL, Traditional Lamps & Displays Replaces Visual Inspection With Precise Data It's Not Your Traditional Illuminance Meter Fully Characterizes Any Type Of Light Source For Precise Quality Control... Read More
  • BTU Gas Chromatograph By COSA Xentaur - a Process Insights Brand

    The HGC 303 is the world’s smallest gas chromatograph for C6+ analysis of Natural Gas. It digitally publishes 20 derived parameters, such as Calorific Value, Wobbe Index, Specific Gravity, Compressibility, Ratio of Heats, etc. The HGC303 is engineered to take full advantage of Yamatake... Read More
  • BTU1100 ALL-IN-ONE Combustion Gas Efficiency Analyzer By E Instruments International

    The NEW, UPDATED BTU1100 Portable Combustion Analyzer is the most updated, ALL-IN-ONE unit to meet the growing needs for the mechanical contractors, Plumbers, Boiler Technicians, and many more. Now available are field replaceable sensors for easy diagnostics and replacements to cut out... Read More
  • BUCHI NIRSolutions By BUCHI Corporation

    NIRSolutions offers you - on the basis of a careful analysis of your individual problems - analytical solutions for your entire production chain, from goods reception and materials qualification to product release. At the heart of BUCHIs NIRSolutions are the FT-NIR spectrometer NIRFlex N-500 and... Read More
  • BUCHI SpeedDigester K-439 By BUCHI Corporation

    The SpeedDigester K-439 is revolutionizing Kjeldahl digestion. It is the only IR digestion system that has an integrated temperature sensor, so that digestion at exact temperatures is achievable. The advantages of IR and block heating systems are now combined. Using modern application software,... Read More
  • BUCHI Vacuum Pump V-700/710 By BUCHI Corporation

    BUCHI Vacuum Solutions refers to the range of options we can offer in the field of vacuum generation in the laboratory. At the heart of these systems, and distinguished by their outstanding performance and unique design, are our new oilfree diaphragm Vacuum Pumps V-700 and V-710. The Vacuum... Read More
  • Build-A-Part Bondable Prototyping Fittings By Nordson MEDICAL

    The Build-a-Part system is based on combining interchangeable components, joining junction blocks and luer, hose barb or threaded features to create the desired configuration. The features are bonded to the junction blocks using commonly available adhesives. Junction blocks and features may be... Read More
  • BZ-9000 Fluorescence Microscope By Keyence Corporation of America

    The KEYENCE BZ Series Fluorescence Microscope can perform bright field, phase-contrast and fluorescence imaging without the need for a darkroom. - No darkroom required - Fully-integrated microscope with electronic stage, filter and lens control - High-resolution, high-sensitivity 12-bit... Read More