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About Questron Technologies Corp.

Questron is a Canadian manufacturer of laboratory robotics products. Our standard offering includes sample digestion workstations, liquid transfer robotics, microwave digestion. Questron markets, sells and services its product world-wide through a network of distributors in our field. Our forte is wide and deep knowledge of technologies impinging on our products, including electronics, software development, chemistry, and materials science. Please visit our website or write to us about your special sample prep or automation needs.

Products by Questron Technologies Corp.

By Questron Technologies Corp.


Automated Digestion and Workup Station: The Vulcan Platform is our fully modular Laboratory Automation Solution for sample preparation. Capable of fully Automated steps from your raw sample to autosampler rack, in nearly any Lab Sample Digestion process. Our Automation Experts will learn the... Read more »

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By Questron Technologies Corp.


Ultimate Solution for Dispensing, Dilution, Sample Transfers, & Standards Preparation: Accepts multiple rack types and sizes one platform Driven by user-specified methodology through integrated PC software Engineered Polymer construction prevents corrosion and contamination Dual chamber rinse... Read more »

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By Questron Technologies Corp.


PTFE Coated Graphite & Anodized Aluminum Blocks that Heats up to 400 °C 230 °C Digestion Block Systems: Each QBlock is equipped with its own Separated Controller to be used outside of fume hood protected from heat and acid. Complete flexibility – QBlocks available for a Variety of Vials and... Read more »

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