Products by ELGA LabWater
  • PURELAB® Chorus 1 Complete

    The PURELAB® Chorus 1 Complete provides a complete solution from tap to ultrapure water direct from a potable water supply. It is ideal for laboratories needing up to 100 liters of 18.2 MΩ.cm ultrapure water. With its simple, ergonomic design and ease-of-use, water can be dispensed directly from... Read More
  • MEDICA® 7/15

    The MEDICA® 7/15 supplies a constant flow of high purity water, which is maintained by recirculation through ion exchange resins, UV, and an integral 0.2µm microfilter. It is an ideal choice for use with a single chemistry or immunoassay clinical analyzer. Read More
  • CENTRA® R60-120

    The CENTRA® R60 and CENTRA® R120 provide Type II and Type III water to feed large washers, ultrapure water purification systems, and dispense points for general laboratory applications. They can deliver up to 120 liters per hour of water, which have been purified using a range of technologies. Read More
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