AquaPhoenix Scientific Inc.

860 Gitts Run Rd
Hannover, PA 17331

About AquaPhoenix Scientific Inc.

AquaPhoenix Scientific is a leader in test kit and reagent manufacturing as well as a distributor of thousands of testing products and supplies and feed and control equipment. We offer the flexibility to customize test kits and reagents with private labeling, custom test factors, and custom packaging to make the finished product unique to your company.

As a trusted and reliable supplier, we distribute thousands of items from some of the top manufacturers in the industry including Hach, Myron L, Fisher Scientific, Prominent, Pulsafeeder, Flowline, LaMotte, Chemetrics, Palintest, Oakton, Hygiena and 3M. Our shelves are stocked with pH and conductivity meters, pH buffer, colorimeters, test kits, pumps, controllers, glassware, reagents, dipslides and many other testing supplies.

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