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Microscopy automation: filter wheels, focus drives, scanning stages, LED light sources.

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Products by TOFRA, Inc.

By TOFRA, Inc.

The RGB LED Light Source provides bright and uniform microscope illumination. Independent and accurate control of red, green and blue LEDs creates any desired color and intensity. Color images can be produced from monochrome cameras giving full non-interpolated color at every pixel. The light... Read more »

By TOFRA, Inc.

Universal Direct Parfocalizing C-Mount (UDPC) Camera Adapter is used to position the camera chip in the intermediate image plane of the microscope. The adapter has adjustable height allowing the user to parfocalize the image in the microscope oculars and on the camera. The UDPC Adapter can be... Read more »

By TOFRA, Inc.

Filter Wheel with Integrated Controller for optical microscopes is an innovative cost-saving design that requires less desk space and reduces cable clutter. The filter wheel provides fast computer-controlled or manual switching of filters. It can accommodate either 12 filters, 25mm in... Read more »

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