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About IND, LLC.

IND is a leading provider of precision manufacturing and engineering services. Creating innovative solutions that enhance process and machine productivity is our number one priority. Our goal is to not only solve critical manufacturing problems, but to optimize your yield, throughput, and performance at the same time wherever possible.

Competitors of IND, LLC.

Kelly Pneumatics, Inc.

We specialize in collaborating with engineers to quickly create prototypes and customized pneumatic valves, regulators, and control products for the most demanding applications. Let us utilize our decades of combined engineering experience to create the perfect pneumatic control product for you. Read More

Products by IND, LLC.


The Fideris™ Liquid Delivery Modules are mass flow controller or pump based, rack-mount modules which provide for computer controlled delivery and blending of an unlimited number of liquids. Each rack mount module is available as standard delivery, extended range (dual MFC for high/low flow) or... Read more »