Cavro® Air Displacement Pipettor provides the key to automated sonochemical synthesis

Press Release from Tecan Group Ltd

Go2 Technologies, a specialized engineering solutions provider in Dayton, Ohio, has used Tecan's Cavro Air Displacement Pipettor (ADP) to develop a novel automated method for labor-­intensive sonochemical synthesis of nanoparticles for the generation of hydrogen gas. Kent Walker, Partner/Owner at Go2 Technologies, explained: "This is a very labor-intensive procedure for a single operator, and we were approached to develop an automated method that could robotically dispense, mix, sonicate and verify, essentially to produce a robotic synthesis machine to automate the manual pipetting and dispensing stages within a nitrogen-purged environment."


"The really big challenge of the whole process was liquid dispensing; we needed something compact and lightweight that could cover a large range of volumes, from 15 µl to 10 ml. The nature of the liquids used meant that we needed to find a non-contact mechanism for dispensing and pumping, with tips that were either disposable, or that could be removed and replaced during the process. This was where the Cavro ADP really came into play. Each of the liquids that we pipette has its own rack of tips and, once they have been used, we just dispense them into a waste container. Consistency is essential for the synthesis to work, and the Cavro ADP has been vital to the success of the project."

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