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Products by OKOLAB: Live Cell Microscopy

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  • Cell Tracking Software

    It allows you to easily track cell movement in an interactive way. Cell trajectory is superimposed to the images for visual validation of the analysis. To generate statistical data of velocity, orientation, persistence length. You can export and save the images with the trajectory... Read More
  • CO2 Microscope CAGE Incubator

    The CO2 Microscope Cage Incubator is designed to maintain all the required environmental conditions for cell culture all around your microscopy workstation, thus enabling to carry out prolonged observations on biological specimens and allowing at the same time enough space for other equipment.... Read More
  • CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator - Electric

    The Electric CO2 Top Stage Incubatir is the latest release in the family of our Microscope Stage Incubators. It represents a one-button solution for long term experiments, launched at an incredibly convenient price. The same model fits all the XY stages on the market, and it is suitable at the... Read More
  • CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator - Water-Jacket

    The CO2 Water-Jacket Microscope Stage Incubator provides superior incubation stability. Water is pumped from a water bath into the base plate and into the lid, which are both Water Jackets. Modelsl fitting all XY stages on the market are available. Chambers suitable for high magnification... Read More
  • Digital CO2 controller

    It is a Digital Control Unit that generates a CO2-Air mixture with an adjustable CO2 concentration in the range 0-20%, with an accuracy of ± 5% of CO2 concentration, for instance, if CO2 set point is 5%, accuracy is ± 0.25% . DGT-CO2BX can be used as a stand-alone device as well as in... Read More
  • Digital Oxygen Controller

    The DGT- O2BX is an Oxygen controller capable of measuring O2 concentration in the range 3-19% with a resolution of 0.1%. It controls O2 concetration by mixing Air with Nitrogen. Air flow is set to 0.1 liter per minute by means of a floating ball flowmeter. Nitrogen consumption at 5% of Oxygen... Read More
  • IVF Heated Glass Insert

    The Heated Glass Round Insert fits into the mechanical stage and provides a flat and clear warm surface where the specimen can be moved freely. Models with 0.5mm and 1mm glass thickness are available. The Heated Glass Product Line employs special glass which has been coated with highly... Read More
  • IVF Heated Table

    The Heated Glass Table can be placed in the optical path of any stereo microscope to provide a large, flat, clear, warm surface where several specimens can be maintained at physiological temperature. Thanks to its adjustable height it fits any stereo microscope. Built as a modular system, it can... Read More
  • Manual 2 Gas Mixer

    It is a two gas mixer, generally used to generate CO2-Air mixtures with an adjustable CO2 concentration in the range 0-15%. It can be used as a stand-alone device as well as in combination with any kind of microscope incubator. Air and CO2 flows are regulated by two floating ball flow meters in... Read More
  • Manual 3 Gas Mixer

    3 Gas Manual Mixer. It mixes three gas streams, for instance Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen, by means of floating ball flowmeters. The first gas can be regulated in the range 70 -100%, the second and third gas can be regulated in the range 0-15%. It can be used as a stand-alone device as... Read More
  • OKO-Light Time-Lapse Station

    The OKO-LIGHT TIME-LAPSE STATION is an automated digital microscopy workstation for live cell imaging based on our technology.Light Microscope, Motorized sample scanning, Digital Camera, CO2 Microscope Incubator, Time-Lapse software, PC....our all in one, ready to go solution for time lapse... Read More
  • Wound Healing Software

    The fully automated algorithm detects wound edges and measures wound area, reparation, as well as geometrical parameters vs time. The algorithm defines, for each image, the image analysis parameters that allow to best detect wound edges. If needed, the parameters can be manually modified for one... Read More

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