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MIDSCI was founded in 1983 by Larry Degenhart. He started Midwest Scientific (since changed to MIDSCI) out of the basement of our home… by himself. With his original intention to be a manufacturers’ representative for scientific equipment he was off to the races. But, as the tides changed and new opportunities arrived, he quickly changed the plan and became a distributor of not only scientific equipment but, also scientific supplies. He found a new office space that would allow him to warehouse the products and meet the needs of his customers.

Competitors of MIDSCI

Carolina Biological Supply Company

Carolina Biological Supply Company

We began as a vision of what science supplier could be, and 90 years later, we still embody that future-focused visionary perspective. At Carolina, we are constantly striving to improve and innovate to be the best we can be, always aiming for excellence in everything that we do. Since the... Read More


Mokon has set the standard in the design and manufacture of high-quality heating and cooling systems to accurately control process temperatures from -20°F to 700°F (-29°C to 371°C). Mokon's energy-efficient product line consists of water and heat transfer oil temperature control systems,... Read More

Carbolite Gero, part of Verder Scientific

Carbolite Gero, part of Verder Scientific Inc, is a world leading manufacture of heat treatment systems from 30 °C – 3,000 °C. With an experienced and dedicated staff of engineers, Carbolite Gero offers standard and highly customized systems, with a strong focus on vacuum and special atmosphere... Read More

Products by MIDSCI


Water, Bead, Belly and Dry Baths Read more »


Mini, Micro, Universal, High-Performance, High-Capacity and Clinical Centrifuges Read more »


Ultra-Low, Benchtop, Upright, Chest Style, Under Counter, Stainless Steel, Enzyme and Vaccine, Flammable Storage, Plasma, and Medical Grade Read more »

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