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Onset is the world’s leading supplier of data loggers. The company’s HOBO data logger and weather station products are used around the world in a broad range of applications, including building energy performance monitoring, water resources management, and ecological and agricultural research.... Read More

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High resolution instrumentation for demanding applications since 1981. Data acquisition and control applications include chromatography and other analytic instruments, electro-chemistry, mechanical testing, industrial controls, custom instruments, etc. Read More

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By MATEC Instrument Companies, Inc.

Finally, you don't have to settle for Dilute Particle Size and Zeta Potential Data. The patented, unique Zeta-APS, Zeta Acoustic Particle Sizer, performs simultaneous Particle Size and Zeta Potential measurements on undiluted and/or opaque samples! Better yet, unlike other particle size... Read more »

By MATEC Instrument Companies, Inc.

The ZetaFinder: Ideal for Lab and Plant use, R&D, QC and On-Line From the most-trusted name in Zeta Potential and Particle Sizing instrumentation for the last 30 years, the ZetaFinder Zeta potential analyzer performs undiluted Zeta potential measurements using the Electrokinetic Sonic... Read more »

By MATEC Instrument Companies, Inc.

CHDF-3000 - High Resolution Particle Size Distributions High-Resolution Analysis for True Particle Size Distribution Data Matec Applied Sciences proudly brings you the CHDF3000 with the latest advancements in High-Resolution particle size distribution (PSD) analysis. The CHDF3000 replaces... Read more »

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