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  • Hielscher Ultrasonic Devices to Disperse Nanomaterials

    Nanomaterials have become an integral component of products as diverse as sunscreens, performance coatings, or plastic composites. Ultrasonic cavitation is used to disperse nano-size particles into liquids, such as water, oil, solvents or resins. UP200S ultrasonic homogenizer for particle... Read More
  • Hielscher Ultrasonic Mixing for the Cosmetic Industry

    Hielscher ultrasonic devices are used in the cosmetics industry for manifold processes, e.g. for the manufacturing of lotions, sunscreen, creams or ointments. The formulation of new cosmetic products involves many processing challenges, such as the disintegration of cells and solids, or the... Read More
  • Hielscher Ultrasonic Processors for the Production of Coating Formulations

    Various components, such as pigments, fillers, chemical additives, crosslinkers and rheology modifiers go into coating and paint formulations. Ultrasound is an effective means for the dispersion and emulsifying, deagglomeration and milling of such components in coatings. Ultrasound is used in... Read More
  • Hielscher Ultrasonics Biodiesel Mixing Reactors

    Hielscher offers ultrasonic mixing reactors for the production of biodiesel at any scale. The ultrasonic mixing improves mass transfer and reaction kinetics leading to faster transesterification and higher yield. It saves excess methanol and catalyst. Ultrasonic reactors are recommended for... Read More
  • Hielscher's UIP1500hd - Ultrasonic Processing Power

    The ultrasonic processor UIP1500hd (20kHz, 1500W) combines high processing power with flexibility. Is is suitable for process development, optimization and for production processes. This includes emulsifying, dispersing & sonochemistry, lysis & extraction or homogenizing. The UIP1500hd bridges... Read More
  • Hielscher's UIP4000 - Ultrasonic Processor for High Power Applications

    The UIP4000 (4,000 watts, 20kHz) is used mainly for the industrial processing of liquids such as homogenizing, dispersing, disintegration, or deagglomeration. The powerful ultrasonic processor UIP4000 is used when high power is needed for continuous operation. It is controlled by a micropressor... Read More
  • Hielscher's Ultrasonic Devices for Food Processing

    The food industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry offer manifold possibilities for the use of ultrasonics. Hielscher ultrasonic processors are used in food manufacturing for: * disintegration of cells * extracting (extract intracellular components or obtain cell-free... Read More
  • SonoStep - One Step Sonication of Samples

    The SonoStep combines ultrasonication, stirring and pumping of samples in a compact design. It is easy to operate and can be used to deliver sonicated samples to analytic devices, e.g. for particle size measurement. Ultrasonication helps to disperse agglomerated particles for the preparation... Read More
  • UIP10000 - High Power Ultrasonic Clusters

    With its 10,000 watts, the UIP10000 is the second largest ultrasonic processor. It is designed to work in clusters of four or more units, for large volume processing, such as homogenizing, dispersing and deagglomeration. Ultrasonic applications can be scaled up on a straight-line basis. The... Read More
  • UIP1000hd

    The UIP1000hd (20kHz, 1000W) is a powerful and adaptable ultrasonic device for lab testing and industrial processing of liquids. It is used for applications, such as emulsifying, dispersing & particle fine milling, lysis & extraction or homogenizing. The UIP1000hd is the powerful link between... Read More
  • UIP16000 Ultrasonic Processor

    16,000 watts of ultrasonic power make the UIP16000 the most powerful ultrasonic processor in the world. It is designed to work in clusters of three or more units, for large volume processing, such as to homogenize, disperse or deagglomerate. As ultrasonic applications can be scaled up on a... Read More
  • UIP500hd Processor

    The ultrasonic processor UIP500hd (20kHz, 500W) is an industrial grade device for the application in the small scale processing of liquids. It can be used for the process development in bench-top scale before scale-up, too. The UIP500hd operates at an ultrasonic frequency of 20kHz. Ultrasonic... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Equipment for Intensive Wire Cleaning

    Manufacturing wire and cable, rods, tapes, tubes and fasteners requires lubrication. Before further processing, such as galvanizing, extrusion or welding, the lubricant residues need to be cleaned off. Hielscher Ultrasonics offers you a unique ultrasonic cleaning process for efficient inline... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Flow Cell FC7K

    With the FC7K, ultrasonic processes such as homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying, particle size reduction, milling, deagglomeration, extraction, cell disruption & lysis, disintegration and sono-chemical & sono-catalytic reactions can be run in continuous flow-through mode in the lab. The... Read More
  • Ultrasonic Processor UIP2000 - High-Efficiency

    The novel Hielscher UIP2000hd (20kHZ, 2000W) entails considerable advances in ultrasonic technology. The UIP2000hd is an industrial ultrasonic device for liquid processing, such as emulsification, dispersing, particle size reduction by milling and grinding, as well as disintegration, extraction... Read More
  • UP100H - Hielscher's Compact Ultrasonic Laboratory Device

    The ultrasonic processor UP100H (100W, 30kHz) is the perfect device for the sonication of small and medium size lab samples. This compact, yet powerful, lab homogenizer is commonly used for sample preparation, such as emulsifying, dispersing, dissolving and cell disruption. (Click for larger... Read More
  • UP200H - Hielscher' Ultrasonic Homogenizer

    The ultrasonic lab devices UP200H (200W, 24kHz) is well suited for all general ultrasonic applications in small & medium scale. The applications include: Homogenization, disintegration, emulsification, cell disruption, degassing or sonochemistry. Handheld or stand-mounted homogenizer? If your... Read More
  • UP200S - Hielscher's Ultrasonic Device for the Lab

    The ultrasonic lab device UP200S (200W, 24kHz) is well suited for all general ultrasonic applications in small and medium scale. The applications include: Homogenization, disintegration, emulsification, cell disruption, degassing or sonochemistry. The ultrasonic processor UP200S (200 watts,... Read More
  • UP400S

    400 Watts ultrasonic power - The UP400S (400W, 24kHz) is a powerful and reliable ultrasonic device for the sonication of larger samples in the lab. Typical application include: Homogenization, deagglomeration, lysis and cell disintegration, protein extraction and the emulsification of... Read More
  • UP50H - Hielscher's Compact Lab Homogenizer

    The ultrasonic processor UP50H is typically used for the sonication of small lab samples. This homogenizer allows for the handheld or stand-mounted emulsification, dispersing, dissolving or cell disruption. The UP100H is a compact yet powerful ultrasonic device for handheld and stand-mounted... Read More
  • VialTweeter - Intensive Sonication Small Volumes

    Sonication is a very effective method for the mixing, homogenizing, emulsifying, dispersing, disintegration, and degassing of liquids by means of ultrasonic cavitation. The VialTweeter applies this technology to vials, such as autosampler vials, storage vials and reagent vials without the need... Read More

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