Industrial Tomography Systems Plc

Speakers House,, 39 Deansgate
Manchester, Manchester M3 2BA
United Kingdom

About Industrial Tomography Systems Plc

Indiustrial Tomography Systems is a world leader in process tomography. The company provides a range of electrical and acoustic-based tomography systems for research and process applications.This enables customers to continuously scan a volume and determine the distribution of electrical properties as they change over time. Instrumentation, software and sensors from ITS are used to characterise a wide range of multi phase processes including mixing, separation, flow and reactions.

Our systems are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and household products, oil and gas, nuclear and mineral processing industries – providing data to enable our customers to improve efficiency, monitor and improve quality, shorten cycle times, improve yields, characterise particle size distribution, investigate multi component flow rate and develop new or improved mixing technologies.

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