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Thunder introduces the NEW Model 2900

The Model 2900 Automated Humidity Generation System is a self-contained system and provides an extremely accurate means of producing atmospheres of known humidity using the fundamental “two-pressure” principle.  This system is capable of continuously supplying relative humidity, dew point, frost point, parts per million, or other calculated values for instrument calibration and evaluation as well as for precision environmental testing.  This system will automatically generate manually entered humidity and temperature set points in addition to user created multipoint profiles.  All desired humidity's, temperatures, flow rates, and time intervals may be programmed.



• Traceable to SI

• 0.5% of Reading RH Uncertainty

• High Flow Capability of 50 L/min

• Based on NIST Proven "Two-Pressure" Principle

• HumiCalc® with Uncertainty Mathematical Engine

• Embedded ControLog® Automation Software

• Generate: RH, DP, FP, PPM, Multipoint Profiles

• Externally Driven Chamber Fan

• Multi-point Touch LCD

• Fluid Jacketed Chamber Door


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