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  • SpectrEcology

    Sensing Solutions for Scientists in the Lab and Field.
    FLAME UV-VIS Spectrometer: The FLAME is the latest in the S1000 – S2000 – USB2000 – USB4000 series of spectrometers from Ocean Optics. Over 300,000 of these workhorse spectrometers have been sold and the new Flame is bound to double that figure. Thermal stability, user inter-changeable slits and generous trade-ins for...
  • Renishaw, Inc

    Raman Microscope: Renishaw Raman spectrometers are configurable to include multiple excitation sources from the UV through NIR with automated laser switching and alignment, quick-launch fiber-optic probes, AFM/NSOM/Raman, SEM-Raman, hot/cold cells, macrosampling, global Raman imaging, near excitation analysis,...
  • Ancal , Inc.

    Distributor for scientific instruments
  • Equitech Int'l. Corporation

    Equitech International manufactures robust process analyzers that measure and control color and chemical applications. Equitech’s rugged and compact UV-vis spectrophotometer complements a wide variety of fiber optic probes to allow a practical measurement solution (in process and real-time) for...
  • Analytical Instrument Systems, Inc.

  • Spectral Instruments Inc

    Ultra low light level CCD camera systems
  • Avantes

    Avantes is a leading innovator in the field of spectroscopic detection and sensing. We offer modular spectrometers and detection solutions for OEM, industry and researchers. Avantes works with the Medical and Biomedical applications such as blood analysis (co-oximetry), endoscopy, tissue...
  • StellarNet Inc

  • Nanalysis Corp

  • tec5USA Inc

    High-quality products for spectroscopy: light sources, light guides, fiber-optic switches and fiber-optic probes, spectrometer modules, operating electronics. Spectrometer systems for multiple applications in lab or process. Various software support. Custom designed components and systems.