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  • Horiba Instruments

  • Micromeritics Instrument Corp.

    Micromeritics manufactures a broad line of automated particle characterization analytical laboratory instruments that measure the physical characteristics of powders and solids for fundamental research, product development, quality assurance and control, production, and process control...
  • PACS

    specialize in activated carbon testing, short courses, conference
  • GoIndustry DoveBid

    Online Auctions: The online process is free to use, accessible by anyone with an internet connection. Set out below are some pointers should you need assistance. Browsing our website for corporate or auction-related information is completely free and does not require you to create an account. To bid in an...
  • XiGo Nanotools

  • Cilas Particle Size

    Laser Particle Size Analyzer Dynamic Light Scattering Static Light Scattering Particle Shape Analyzer Stability Analyzers Micro Rheology
  • QuantaPhi Corporation

  • Tantec USA

  • Quantachrome Instruments

    Aquadyne DVS: The Aquadyne DVS is a fully automated, gravimetric, dual sample water vapor sorption analyzer. It measures adsorption and desorption isotherms of water vapor both accurately and sensitively, including sorption kinetics, with minimal operator involvement. The weight(s) of one or two sample(s)...
  • Provectus Technologies, LLC